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  1. New arrivals: Lettuce Nudibranch Peppermint Shirmp Caribbean Common Starfish Ricordea Florida Rock Flower Anemone Arrow Crab Emerald Crab Red St. Thomas Mushroom Purple Bush Gorgonian Purple Frilly/Willow Gorgonian Black Cap Basslet Royal Gramma Atlantic Blue Tang juveniles Yellow head jawfish Passer Angels Red head Gobies Shaving brush Captive bred Conspicuous Angelfish (eye ring already shows for all specimens) Captive bred Singapore Angel
  2. Hawaii shipment tmrw afternoon Flame angelfish Potter angelfish Medium goldflake angelfish 6cm bandit 10cm bandits 11cm bandit Bartlett anthias Declives butterflyfish Gymnothorax melatremus Jactator sharpnose puffer Medium black tang Large & Show size yellow tangs Hawaiin purple Cleaner Wrasse Geoffroy wrasse Red tail wrasse
  3. Australia LPS arrived Gold torch corals Acanthasterea Scolymia Green goniopora Red goniopora
  4. Hi All, Water collection for Triton test (ICP and N-DOC) is this weekend on Aug 17 and 18. Interested parties please bring 40ml of your tank water for each test to our Pasir Ris farm. Cheers Aquarium Iwarna
  5. National day shipments! Indonesia import: Copperband butterflyfish Longnose butterflyfish Bicolor angelfish Emperor angelfish Majestic angelfish Dispar anthias Banggai cardinal Blue green chromis Royal dottyback Red Mandarinfish (with red pectoral fins, not the normal blue) National Day Promo Price Yasha gobies (89pcs) - National Day Promo Price Twinspot Lionfish Bicolor Parrotfish Yellow surgeonfish Unicorn tang Yellow coris Yellow tailed Tamarin Red banded fairy wrasse( C.flavidorsalis) Captive bred fish from Bali Aquarich: Cortez angelfish juveniles Venustus angelfish (2pc only) Majestic angelfish Goldflake angelfish (3pc only) Coral Sea Orange Ocellaris Black ocellaris juveniles Black ocellaris 5-6cm Domino clownfish Black Helmet percula Frostbite ocellaris Nebula clown Grade A (2pc only) Black Storm Clown Orange Mocha Storm Carribean: Bank butterflyfish (Prognathodes aya) - SOLD Queen angels Rock beauty angels Black cap basslets Royal gramma Sailfin Blennies Spiney head blennies Moller miller blennies Ringed blenny Blue reef chromis Lightning chromis Chain link moray Yellower head jawfish Atlantic blue tang Shaving brush
  6. Fiji shipment tomorrow morning! Our last import was quite awhile ago. While stocks last! Sunburst anthias Canary blennies STIGMATA blennies Blue stripe clownfish (Amphiprion chrysopterus) Blue Fiji Devil (Chrysiptera tapou) Fiji foxface Doliatus foxface (electric blue stripes) PUMPING XENIA GOLD finger leather Green finger leather Gold spaghetti leather Green spaghetti leather Neon green spaghetti leather Green toadstool Gold toadstool Speckled toadstool FIJI YELLOW TOADSTOOL (S. Elegans) Gold lobophytum Green lobophytum FIJi ZOANTHIDS Tonga branch rock (man-made)
  7. New import today: Achilles tangs (sold out today). Feel free to contact us to make reservations for next batch. Flame hawks, left a few. Ultra Maxima clams
  8. Madagascar import this afternoon: Gem tangs, Tiger/Kingi angels, african flameback, viviennae leopard wrasse, tiger tail coral beauty, african pencil wrasse, hemitaeniatus flasher wrasse, guinea fowl puffer, golden citrinellus puffer, madagascariensis butterfly.
  9. Hi All, Water collection for Triton test (ICP and N-DOC) is this weekend on Jul 20 and Jul 21. Interested parties please bring 40ml of your tank water for each test to our Pasir Ris farm. Please click on the link below form more information on N-DOC: https://www.triton.de/en/articles/triton-n-doc/ Cheers, Aquarium Iwarna
  10. Cebu oddity shipment available! Green Mandarin Green Chromis Latticed Blenny Canary Blenny One Bar Chromis Ruby Dragonet Starry Blenny Yellow Tail Blue Damsel Spot tail Blenny Springeri Damsel 2 bar damsel 4 stripe damsel Domino damsel Pyjama cardinal Coral Beauty Six Bar Angelfish adult Majestic Angelfish adult Lamarck angelfish Emperor Angelfish Half Black Angel Pygmy angel Midnight Nox Assorted frogfish Orange spotted goby Widow blenny Antenna Shrimp goby Ocellaris Clownfish Wheeleri goby with shrimp Coral goby blue line Yellow boxfish Orange spot goby with shrimp Yellow watchman goby with shrimp Purple firegoby Apogon semiornatus Tiny Blue Tang Medium to ML Blue Tang Yellow coral goby Hasselt's goby Blue Hanae dartfish Priolepsis boreus Priolepsis cincta Banded catshark eggs Strawberry dottyback Red head dottyback Red skunk dottyback Plectranthias inermis Small marine betta Banded pipefish Zebra solefish Ptereleotris lineopinnis Discordipinna greissinggeri Bicolor goatfish Red Coris - Juvinile Green and black leopard wrasse Conger Eel Ring Neck Purple Queen Copperband butterfly Moorish Idol Liopropoma swalesi Platax tiera Platax orbicularis Diamond Garden Eel Blue Banded garden eel Zebra, Dwarf, Volitan, antennata lionfish Shrimp Goby White Cap with Shrimp Inimicus sinensis Longnose Hawkfish Pogonoperca punctata Myrichthys colubrinus Variola louti Parapercis tetracantha Meiacanthus grammistes Apogon crassiceps Shrimp Goby Banded with shrimp Rhinopias frondosa Cociella crocodila Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides Snapper Red Emperor sm Acreichthys radiatus Cirrhilabrus roseofasciatus Zebrasoma scopas Scorpaenopsis species Pseudojuloides severnsi Eurypegasus draconis Paracheilinus carpenteri Cirrhilabrus lunatus Cirrhilabrus lubbocki Wetmorella Nigropinnata Wetmorella albofasciata Paraluteres prionurus Oxymonacanthus longirostris Cirrhilabrus cyanogularis Canthigaster lepardus 6 line wrasse Labroides dimidiatus Halichoeres chrysus Dragon wrasse Ovula ovum Cypraea tigris Tubeworm/Feather Duster-Purple Spiral Cuttlefish Egg (10 bunch) Big Headed Red Shrimp Octopus Ordinary Octopus Zebra/Stripe Octopus White Spot Cuttlefish Ordinary Octopus Banded Blue Starfish Brittle Starfish Black Spanish Dancer Boxer Shrimp/Red Lobster Mespilia globulus Abalones Sea Urchin Sand Dollar Strombus snails Red starfish Shameface crabs Sand shifting starfish Sea Cucumber Yellow md/lg Many assorted crabs Many cowries Yellow banded boxing shrimp pairs Ghost boxing shrimps Harlequin shrimp pairs Bumblebee shrimps Sexy shrimps Donald Duck shrimp Randall shrimp goby Assorted starfish Assorted anemones Trimma cana Eviota nigriventris Trimma rubromaculatum Tryssobobius colini
  11. Japan shipment: Dragon moray Y pattern moray Kidako moray - sold Sacura anthias Rudarius ercodes aka white spotted filefish Virgo goby Enchelyurus kraussi Plectranthias pelicieri Wrought iron butterflyfish Orange halcurias anemone Coral shipment: Alveopora, goniopora, green candy cane, chalice, leather corals, open brain corals, torch corals, wall hammers, mushrooms, etc.
  12. Available tomorrow morning: Atlantic Blue Tangs Brazilian Yellow Neon Goby Blue Neon Goby Queen Angels Orchid dottybacks French Angels Available tomorrow after noon: Green Sinularia Green Cabbage Australian banded sand catshark (Atelomucterus fasciatus) Western speckled catshark (Hemiscyllium trispeculare) Spider Sponge Scribble angels assorted sizes Lennardi wrasse assorted sizes Marginalis butterflyfish West Australian clarkii clown pair Allen's sandshifting goby Red eye porcupinefish (Tragulichthys jaculiferus) Sailfin cardinal (P. mirifica) Western blue devil Warratah anemone Fromia polypora Red biscuit sea star Mosaic sea star Wilson's sea srar
  13. Philippines Sunburst anthias Ventralis anthias Flavoguttatus anthias Dispar anthias Randall anthias Sohal tang Mystery wrasse Magma wrasse Pintail wrasse Firefish Blue damsel Ocellaris clownfish Vanderbilt chromis Green chromis Tailspot blenny Bella sandshifting goby Algae blenny Yellow tail blue damsel Sand shifting sea star Blue linckia Leopard wrasse Twinspot goby Brown brotulina sp. Blue/yellow tilefish Blue/yellow fangblenny Randall's tilefish Randall's assessor Magma wrasse Powder brown tang Coral beauty Rusty angel Bicolor angel Colini angel Bicolor angel Frogfish Melanurus wrasse Heraldi angel Scopas tang Ornate wrasse Pajama cardinal Blue throat trigger Golden rabbitfish Flamboyant cuttlefish Bubble tip anemone Purple long tentacle anemone Greren lta Randall anthias Pyramid butterfly Walsh fairy wrasse Filament fairy wrasse Yellow watchman goby Orbic cardinal Grey poma angel Sri Lanka Adult orange tail emperor Adult koran angel Pakistani butterfly Mitratus butterfly Long nose butterfly Zoster butterfly Midas blenny Lineatus blenny Malacanthus smithi Orange spotted blenny Red scooter blenny Purple firefish V. Puellaris sandshifting goby V. Strigata sandshifting goby V. Wardi sansshifting goby Apogon angustatus Zebra moray Snowflake eel Girdled eel Blue eye anthias Evansi anthias Parvirostris anthias Polleni grouper Powder blue tang XL clown tang Convict tang Eibli mimic tang Blonde naso tang XL Unicorn naso tang ML Unicorn naso tang L Unicorn naso tang XXXL Black tongue unicornfish Moorish idol Blue spot scat White tail remora Indian trigger Red tooth trigger Picasso trigger Pearl sharpnose puffer Starry puffer Shortspine porcupine XL Ostracion meleagris male and females Thornback boxfish Lyretail hogfish (s) Filamentosus wrasse Rosy scale wrasse Trispilus wrasse Dragon wrasse juvenile Cleaner wrasse Picture wrasse Cleaner shrimps Fire shrimps Red fromia sea stars Yellow belly regal angels Black saddled grouper 8 stripe butterflyfish Meyer butterflyfish Blue line grouper Chiloscyllium griseum Indonesia Copperband butterfly Banggai cardinal Ocellaris clownfish Racoon butterfly Choerodon zamboanga Blue tang Bicolor blenny Small foxface Bannerfish Mandarin fish Boxing shrimp Convict tang Clarkii clownfish Racoon butterflyfish Izuensis hogfish Longnose hawkfish New corals: Assorted zoanthids, mushrooms, leather corals, red braching algae, sea cucumbers, yellow sponges
  14. Tomorrow after noon Australia shipment: Blue capnella Blue cespitularia species Isis hippuris seafan Nepthea species Neon green Sinularia Blue sympodium Xenia species Acropora species Elegance corals Frogspawn Lobophyllia Trachyphyllia Chromis nitida Fiji damsel (Chrysiptera tapou) Spotnape cardinal (Ostorhinchus jenkinsi) Chaetodon aureofasciatus Harlequin tuskfish Laboutei wrasse Choati wrasse Cheeklined maori wrasse Great Barrier reef blenny (Ecsenius stictus) Reticulated fang blenny (Meiacanthus reticulatus) Yellow assessor Blue assessor Oblique line dottyback Multilineatum basslet Golden bullseye (Parapriacanthus ransonneti)
  15. Africa fishes arrived. Videos and updates can be seen on our Facebook: Iwarna Aquafarm Africa shipment Oreni tilefish (super rare) Broomtail wrasse Floral wrasse Citrinellus puffer Red leaf fish (rare) Allardi clownfish Chromis ternatensis Blue stripe pipefish Siganus stellatus Orange tail emperor Gold tail angelfish large Diamond tail flasher wrasse African flameback angel Carrberyi anthias Yellow bristletooth tang Yellow head butterfly Exquisite wrasse African clown coris Divided/jewel wrasse Aurora goby Midas blenny Radiant wrasse Mossambicus fang blenny Lined tamarin wrasse Blue spotted tamarin wrasse Yellow tail tamarin wrasse Yellow belly blue tang (Small & medium) Convict tang Clown soapfish Cleaner wrasse Pseudocheilinus evanidus Bicolor cleaner wrasse Red knob seastar Blue spotted stingray
  16. New fish arrivals: Asfur angelfish Maculosus angelfish White face butterflyfish Diagonal butterflyfish Arabian butterflyfish Sohal Tang Red sea 8line flasher wrasse Purple Tang Blue spotted Jawfish Multicolor angelfish Passer angelfish (S) Cortez angelfish (SM) Popeye catalufa Neon goby (uncommon sp.) Helfrich firefish Flame wrasse Blue reef chromis Potter angelfish Rhomboid wrasse Goldflake angel SM Sailfin blenny Chalk bass
  17. Japan import available tomorrow afternoon: Interruptus angels Dragon moray (pre-ordered) Gymnothorax minor Enchelycore lichenosa (pre-ordered) Echidna rhodochilus (pre-ordered) Cryptic bearded goby (first time import) Mahidolia mystacina & alpheus rapacida pair Doryrhamphus japonicus (not your common blue stripe pipefish) Parioglossus formosus (peaceful species for nano tank) Japan pink nephthea Also available: limited quantity clarion angels, joculator angels and last candy basslet.
  18. New arrivals from RVS philippines. Ventralis anthias - super healthy Flavoguttatus anthias Lunatus wrasse Helfrich goby Rare vegetarian goby (Austrolethops wardi) Calumia godeffroyi (rare)
  19. New arrivals of captive bred fish Clarion angels Maculosus angels Mocha storm clownfish Black ocellaris clownfish Lightning maroon clownfish Zebra batfish Hybrid batfish
  20. New fish arrivals. Hybrid genicanthus (very rare color variant) Leucokranos clownfish (limited specimens) Golden angelfish (limited specimens) Black foot lionfish (rare) Firefish Red dragonets Liopropoma colletei Purple queen anthias Orange back wrasse
  21. New arrivals! Lamarck angelfish, snowflake eel (E. nebulosa), Banded eel (E. polyzona), Bellus angelfish, Coral beauty angelfish, Clown anglerfish, White cap goby with shrimp, Tiger anglerfish, Blue banded garden eels, Hairy anglerfish, White anglerfish, scribbled boxfish, tomini tang, red tail filefish, Variola louti, Cephalopholis argus, Xenia filefish, Zebra blenny, Ruby red dragonet, widow blenny, pyjama cardinal, yellow tail blenny, springeri damsel, 4 stripe damsel, canary blenny, parapercis reticulatus, domino damsels, orange skunk clowns, ocellaris clowns, priolepis cincta, randall goby with shrimp, blue stripe pipefish, grissengeri gobies, yellow brotulina fusca, chromis retrofasciata, geometric hawkfish, suttonia lineata, suttonia spotted, black leopard wrasse, six line wrasse, marbled cat shark, many banded pipefish, white cheek tang, Roseafascia wrasse, bodianus sepiacaudus, bodianus izuensis, banded bamboo shark, sea goblins, arothron mappa, porcupine fish, longnose hawkfish, assorted lionfish, canthigaster leopardus, crocodilefish, yellow patch wrasse, red indian scorpionfish, purple streak parrotfish, blue throat wrasse, pintail wrasse, yellow wrasse, shame face crabs, anemone crab pair, anemone shrimp pair, red coris, stenopus prysonotus, stenopus cyanoscelis pairs, long arm crab, red sea stars, assorted urchins, sand dollars, yellow tubeworm, ten leg starfish, blue linckia, icon stars, sea hares, abalones, long tentacle anemone, bubble anemones, normal cuttlefish, strombus snails, bumblebee snails (said to eat pest vermetid snails), flamboyant cuttlefish, mimic octopus, blue velvet nudibranch (flatworm predator) One-fin flashlight fish, Pristigenys niphonia, Aberrant blue face scopas tang, banggai cardinal, bicolor angelfish, koran angel, chevron butterflyfish, sebae clowns, yellow foxface, boxing shrimps, double saddle butterflyfish, bannerfish, harlequin sweetlips, cleaner wrasse, power blue tangs, lopez unicornfish, blue tangs, emperor angelfish, blue devil damselfish, copperband butterflyfish, green chromis, keyhole angel, melon butterflyfish, green mandarinfish, gold stripe maroon, royal dottyback, blue eye anthias, eibli angelfish, true percula, blue fairy wrasse, longfin fairy wrasse, kleini butterflyfish.
  22. More fish arrivals after noon! Polyzona aka zebra tangs (Endemic to Mauritius) Jewel wrasse (M. Lapillus) Chrysogaster clownfish (rare clownfish species) Mauritian red cheek Thalassoma Divided/blue star leopard wrasse Adorned wrasse Picture wrasse Red phase fusilier Football damsel (C. Annulata) Moorish idols Midas blennies Mask bannerfish (H. Monoceros) Cooper's anthias Tigertail coral beauty African flameback angel Dussumieri tangs
  23. Exciting stocks available Thursday onwards: Multicolor angelfish Passer angel 2 to 3inch Royal gramma Fiji blue devil (Chrysiptera tapou) Indigo dottyback Orchid dottyback Mask goby Green band gobies Helfrich firefish Blue neon gobies Yellow tangs Orange toadfish Earlei fairy wrasse (rarely available) Johnsoni fairy wrasse males (rarely available) Hawaiin cleaner wrasse Cook Island Ventralis anthias pairs (last import 4 years ago) Cook Island Scott's Fairy wrasse (epitome of Scott fairy variants) https://reefbuilders.com/2012/08/17/scotts-fairy-wrasse-cook-islands/ Cook Island Deepwatee Canary Damselfish (Last import was 4 years ago) https://reefbuilders.com/2011/11/04/chrysiptera-glaba-canary-damselfish/ Cook Island lemon mystery wrasse, Pseudocheilinus citrinus (Debut to the global aquarium trade)
  24. Sustainable Net-caught fish from RVS Fishworld arrived! Coral Beauty Flagfin angel Grey poma angel Rusty angel Heraldi angel Purple queen anthias Sunburst anthias Lyretail anthias Tail spot blennies Green chromis Ocellaris clownfish 3 stripe damsel Domini damsel Honeycomb filefish Rhino leatherjacket filefish Pink barred goby Firefish Purple decora firefish Hector goby Algae blenny Twinspot/crab eye goby 2 line snapper Scopas Tang Yellow Scopas Tang Powder Brown Tang Tomini Tang Blue face trigger pairs Niger trigger Cleaner wrasse 6 line wrasse Blue side fairy wrasse Walsh's fairy wrasse Harlequin tuskfish Sally lightfoot crab Harlequin shrimp Blue velvet nudibranch (flatworm eaters) Seahares (regular & blue dotted) Blue linckia seastars Flame scallops Nassarius snails Sea Star Snails Madagascar yellow belly regal angels Large blue face angels Red Sea Broomtail wrasse (show size) Red Sea Mask/Panda Puffer L Red Sea Golden Butterfly Large to XL Purple tangs M size (last few pcs before collection station closes) West African bullseye lobster, Enoplometopus antillensis (rare)
  25. New arrivals: Guam crimson yellow tangs Guam true sherpadi angel Asfur angels Maculosus angels Golden butterflies White face butterflies Purple tangs Sohal tangs
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