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  1. Available Wednesday onwards Kingi/Tiger angels, M to L size gem tangs, lapillus wrasse, viviennae wrasse, rare pairs of madagascar pencil wrasse (P. Polackorum), golden african pufferfish, yellow head butterflyfish, african flameback angelfish, desjardini sailfin tangs, blackburn butterflyfish, mask bannerfish, bodianus perdito, hemitaeniatus flasher wrasse, radiant wrasse, exquisite wrasse.
  2. Australia shipments: Sps Green toadstool Acanthastrea echinata Plate coral Lobo & symphyllia Duncan Glow wrasse Monsoon wrasse trio Green cabbage sinularia dura Yellow scleronepthea Scribble angel Marginalis butterfly Aureofasciatus butterfly West australia clarkii Allen sandshifter goby Red line sandshifter goby Yellow assessor Rainfordia opercularis pair
  3. Australia shipment tomorrow available estimated around lunch time. Green Toadstool Acanthastrea spp. Acropora spp. Duncan Euphyllia Heliofungia Symphyllia Lobophyllia Odontanthias wassi (Abyss anthias) - rare Plectranthias bennetti (Peppermint perchlet) - rare Liopropoma multilineatum (First specimen from Coral Sea) Scribble angelfish Australia harlequin tuskfish Darwin's glow fairy wrasse (First debut in SG) Monsoon wrasse trio (Cirrhilabrus hygroxerus) Yellow assessor Suttonia lineata
  4. New arrivals: Cocos Island maricultured Maxima Clams. Saturday morning captive bred fishes: Clarion angels, storm clownfish, lemonpeel angels, multibar angels, picasso percula, bullethole percula, nebula percula.
  5. New arrivals: Jumbo fire shrimps, Jumbo & small cleaner shrimps, pakistani butterfly, gardineri butterfly, yellowhead butterfly, mitratus butterfly, midas blenny, smithi blenny, orange spotted blenny, apogon angustus, chromis dimidiata, zebra moray, echidna polyzona, painted sweetlips, black spotted sweet lips, blue eye anthias, carrberyi anthias, powder blue tangs, clown tangs, convict tangs, moorish idols, indian triggerfish, red tooth triggerfish, divided wrasse male, anampses lineatus, filament fairy wrasse, pink and red fromia stars, crimson knob star, yellow belly regal angelfish, miniatus grouper, crimson knob star
  6. New arrivals at Iwarna Conspiculatus angelfish Ricordea florida : multicolors Arrow crab, Peppermint shrimp,Emerald crab, Porcellana sayana porcelain crab, Lettuce nudibranch, Scarlet hermit (Eats bryopsis), Cerith snail (clears cyano from sand bed), Magarita snail, Ultra rock flower, Nice big purple gorgonians, royal grammas.
  7. New arrivals: Green cabbage sinularia dura West australia sarcophyton Hemiscyllium trispeculare Ribboned pipefish, Haliichthys taeniophorus. (Very rare, first time in Singapore. Harder to find than sea dragons but easier to keep as it is fully tropical) Chelmon marginalis Lennardi wrasse West australian clarkii pair Tigertail cucumbers Allen's sandshifting goby Juvenile true personifer angel (rare size) Small to large male scribble angels Zig zag wrasse
  8. New arrivals Tahiti white tail tang (uncommon) Achilles tangs (S,M,L) Flame hawks Black tangs Africanus angelfish adult color Royal gramma
  9. Huge Hawaii shipment tomorrow morning: *** We will only respond to enquiries on pricing after shipment arrival. Flame angel True Hawaiin flame angel Potter angel Lemonpeel angel Fisheri angel Kole tang Bartlett Anthias Four line wrasse Hawaiin cleaner wrasse Geoffroy/Potter leopard wrasse Red tail wrasse female Red tail wrasse male Declives butterflyfish Goldflake Angel (S) Goldflake Angel (L) Bandit Angel 12cm Crosshatch triggerfish female Crosshatch triggerfish male Black Tang (M) Personatus angelfish Yellow Tang Hawaiin Squirrelfish Orange tail filefish Jactator puffer Yellow margin moray
  10. Hi All, Water collection for Triton test (ICP and N-DOC) is this weekend on Feb 23 and Feb 24. Interested parties please bring 40ml of your tank water for each test to our Pasir Ris farm. Please click on the link below form more information on N-DOC: https://www.triton.de/en/articles/triton-n-doc/ Cheers, Aquarium Iwarna
  11. New arrivals Japanese angelfish Hybrid Royal Gramma Sacura anthias pair
  12. New arrivals: Christmas island triggerfish (Xanthichthys greenei) Earlei wrasse male (sold) (can equire for future bookings) Nahackyi wrasse pair Rhomboid wrasse females and alpha males Orchid dottyback Indigo dottyback Royal gramma Black cap basslet Yellowhead jawfish Meiacanthus tongaensis Skeletor morays ( rare) Catalina gobies Blue neon gobies Green band goby Flame hawk Helfrich firefish
  13. Apart from these beautiful tanks, we bring in other neptunian products, such as the cement. They are easy to use, mess free and Ultra durable hold. Here are some pics of the cement being used to hold together some amazing rockscape, set in the crystal glass tank.
  14. New arrivals: Borbonius Anthias, blue tangs, purple fire goby. Also still have nice pairs of harlequin shrimps and cuttlefish & cuttlefish eggs.
  15. New arrivals: Australia SPS including XL ice fire echinata, some less seen acropora species, green goniopora, long tentacled plate corals, reverse stem hammer corals, yellow hammer corals, marbled hammer corals. Cebu oddity shipment just arrived many cleanup crew, tuxedo urchins, flamboyant cuttlefish, rare lysmatella prima, assorted crab species like shame faced crabs, grissengeri gobies, eviotas and trimmas, periclemenes kororensis symbiotic shrimp with long tentacle plate coral wunderpus, bobtail squid, normal cuttlefish, normal octopus, stenopus cyanoscelis pairs, abalones, tuxedo urchins, donald duck shrimps, painted and striped squat lobsters, strombus snails, sand shifting stars, blue velvet nudibranch (eat flatworms), hector goby, mermaids purse, starry blenny, algae blenny, yellow tail damsel, springeri damsel, copperband, coral beauty, red frogfish, white cap shrimp goby, green wrasse, yellow wrasse, green chromis, forktail canary blenny, ruby red dragonet , red cardinal, pintail wrasse , hector goby, randall goby, harlequin shrimp pairs, tubeworm coloured, cuttlefish eggs, purple rhinopias frondosa.
  16. Some of the tanks when set up! You can see the bright and clear quality of the tank's glass! We also have the nano table top series, for those of you who want a beautiful and colourful aquarium on your office desk or in your room.
  17. Arrival Saturday afternoon USA fish: Bartlett anthias, Royal gramma, africanum basslet, canary blenny, trichrous butterflyfish, tricinctus clownfish, captive bred latezonatus clownfish, orchid dottyback, springeri dottyback, skeletor morays, green band gobies, flame hawks, yellow tangs, rhomboid wrasse, Cirrhilabrus luteovittatus, earlei wrasse (sold).
  18. Take a look at this vid, it is a walk through of the S series tank. However, we also have L, M and K series in stock, all with their own functionality and beauty. Each series holds it's own unique design, but one thing is for certain, the built quality and design integrity remains top notch! We are also happy to note, that we are taking customised orders, but do note that each customised order may take up to 2 months, from design submission to fabrication and finally, to arrival at your doorstep for installation.
  19. New arrivals available tomorrow: Australia stock: Acanthastrea, rhodactis, discosoma, duncan, euphyllia, acropora, heliofungia, moseleya latistellata, scolymia, spider sponge, scribble angels, choati leopard wrasse, red eyed porcupinefish Captive bred stock: Clarion angels, cortez angels, majestic angels, maculosus angels, mocha storm clownfish, platinum storm clownfish, blue tint premium snowflake ocellaris. RVS philippines fish tomorrow afternoon, stock to be updated tomorrow.
  20. Introducing our new range of high grade crystal glass tanks! These sleek, clean cut tank designs with acrylic and crystal glass sump tanks are sure to be a great choice in your next upgrade or your first aquarium setup. With PVC and Acrylic cabinets, you can be garuanteed a long lasting cabinet! With ready to assemble piping, the tank can be set up in a matter of minutes. We will let the pics do the talking, but do come down and enquire about our tanks! Or you can call 8714 2313 to enquire!
  21. New arrivals Purple tangs, sohal tangs, blue tangs, copperband butterflies, blue eye cardinals, bicolor cleaner wrasse, yellow tangs, kole tangs, black tangs, flame angels, red tail wrasse male + females, geoffroy leopard wrasse, bandit angels, flame wrasse male + females, crosshatch trigger males, declives butterflyfish, goldflake angels.
  22. Realised got an unopened wet side assembly for MP60 In the shelf for a while. Willing to clear at below cost $150. First come first get! WhatsApp 92259393 to reserve and collection at Iwarna
  23. New fish arrivals: Philippines fish & red sea fish. Fire gobies, ruby red dragonets, purple queen anthias, sand shifting gobies, purple tangs, sohal tangs, broomtail wrasse, asfur angels, maculosus angels.
  24. New arrivals: Black tangs (3-4inch), Gem tangs (3-4.5nch), Kingi angelfish (Tiger angelfish), Madagascar flasher wrasse, Vivienne Leopard Wrasse, Lapillus Leopard wrasse, Desjardini Sailfin Tang, Guineafowl puffer, Thalassoma genivittatum, African flameback angelfish, Madagascar pearlscale butterflyfish.
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