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  1. Hi all, recently set up a nice fuval edge converted reef but have to let go to pay for other stuff. Plug and play with HOB filter, Nano chiller and AI PRIME lights on. Tank set is good enough to support Mixed reef as it is currently supporting it. Prefer to sell as whole or if keen on any coral please let me know. Thank you! Whole set includes 1. 6 gal fluval edge tank set with filter -100 2. Ai prime non HD - 180 3. Al60 nano chiller - 60 4. 1 big frag red monti - 30 5. 1 big frag fist size GSP - 35 6. 1 big frag fist size super healthy pulsing Xenia - 40 7. Nice Zoas set with some rare zoas -200 8. 3x Yuma (orange, purple, orange+purple+pink) - 90 9. 1 rock of very nice red mushroom with rainbow lines running towards green lumi mouth(not sure about id) -120 10. Red anemone (opens to Palm size) -30 11. Sps frags available but stung by anemone so not perfect. -20 12. Lumi orange plate coral - 45 13. Purple plate coral frag - 30 14. Reverse sunset monti frag - 30 15. Blue polyp Monti (not sure Id) -30 16. Beautiful PAIR of Gold nugget clowns 1-2" - 380 (finally paired after some testing of dominance and now living peacefully together even in my nano) 17. Red shrimp - 10 15. Live rocks, live sand - 50 16. Chemistry pure nano (still have a few more sachets) - free with big purchase 17. Small Bucket of Red sea pro salt - $30 18. Jebao WP 10 wavemaker - $30 Looking at bundle price of $1288 thank you! **All corals and live stocks are very healthy and stable even in my nano, except for the sps corals that got stung by my anemone. The rest all blooming and doing well.** If you need close up shots please contact Me at 97104907 thanks. Equipments will only be available after live stocks are sold and collection will be at TAMPINES St 81. Thank you!
  2. Looking for Red bubble tip anemone. If any kind reefer have one to let go please contact 97104907 thank you.
  3. Looking for a small pair of designer clown such as snow flake, black ice, frostbite, gold nuggets. If you have please contact me at 97104907! Thanks
  4. Looking for Ecotech MP10 wireless. If you have please contact me at 97104907! Thanks
  5. HI ALL LAST FEW ITEMS TO LET GO FROM MY DECOMM! 1) 5 STAGE DI SYSTEM(3 STAGE CARBON & 2 STAGE RESIN) - $90 2) MARINE PURE BLOCKS X2 WITH 3 BUCKETS FULL OF MR AQUA CR, MIXED CR , BIOHOMME + RED, BACTERIA HOUSES, CORAL CHIPS & JAP MAT. - $150 Interested parties please contact me @ 97104907 for quick deal or you can dm me too! thank you
  6. Hi all I have the remaining items for quick sale as I'm clearing everything and taking a break from reefing & fish keeping. Interested parties please contact me @97104907 or dm me. Thank you! 1. 4X1.2x1.2 feet custom shallow lagoon rimless tank 10mm crystal glass made from aquarium artist. Small compact and beautiful tank that gives you plenty of room for scaping . Comes with a 3ft sump tank and a 3000l return pump & a custom made Hood that was added 2 months ago. Tank itself is about 1year++ old. Pipings has been made easy with extra valve for chiller thus you will not need another pump for chiller. Plug & play. NOTE: overflow is at the side of the tank which gives extra space in the tank itself , however there is a crack at the overflow compartment which I have sealed off with silicon and has been running for 3 months without any leak. Letting go at only $150 only with sump and return pump. With complete media seen in the picture that includes 2x marine pure blocks , biohomme + & bacteria house & CR etc etc it's $300. Please arrange own professional movers as the piping needs to be cut & reconnected for the move. 2. Flipper standard size glass algae cleaner used for 5 months . Excellent scrubber in good working condition - $45 3. Two little fish phosban 150 with small eheim pump - $60 Thank you for viewing
  7. Rocks reserved! Thank you for viewing
  8. Selling some 2 year old pest free quality live Rocks and 1 RBTA .5pcs big stand alone Rocks with some smaller rocks that you see with the RBTA. Coral farm 1kg, marine life 2.5kg. Tonga 2kg. Some rasta zoas attach on it. RBTA opens up to about fist size ! Everything for only $50! Interested party please contact me @97104907 or PM me thank you! Retail rates of these Rocks: Rocks are from coral farm @ $18/ kg and marine life @$15/kg, there are some tonga like stand alone rocks also.
  9. Hi bro don't see any PM from you and sorry it's been reserved ! Thank you
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