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  1. Zion

    WTG fishes

    Fishes collected! Thanks for the interest
  2. Zion

    WTG fishes

    Fishes have been reserved!
  3. Zion

    WTG fishes

    I have a 2 inch plus domino damsel and tomato clown to give away! Pm if interested
  4. Really great looking tank! The octodes look super nice!
  5. Hi! Have a 1-1.5 inch domino damsel to give away! It's been with me for more than 8 months, giving away as want to reduce bio load
  6. Hope can get a nice piece too! Thanks for all your help!
  7. Is it pacific reef? I have never seen coral reef there before
  8. I buy sand sifter starfish for my pair. 1 starfish lasts around 3 weeks, and the finish the whole star until nothing's left.
  9. Hi guys! I'm looking for the above. Prefer them to be around frag disk size or slightly bigger. Please pm me with pics! Thanks!
  10. Wow! Is there anywhere in Singapore that sells that leaf slug?
  11. Really nice tank! Love the look of it!
  12. Zion

    WTG zoas

    Zoas given to a nice reefer!
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