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  1. Thks bro...its a learning journey for me in this hobby...no one say its easy..
  2. ah..abt that..i totally forgot abt my fan.. using fan blowing direct towards the flow from my hob..manage to get a between 27°-28° unless its a really hot day when it reaches 28.5° and sometimes up to 30°
  3. zoa rock from a friendly reeferopen brain? Under blue ledSo i did add more coral again... Green Digi Birdnest Open brain? Zoas And a shrimp that live the longest among other livestock/corals
  4. Yup bro..thats my start of my reefing journey...cheers...will update soon...as that tank was my last yr tank..now different liao..
  5. After setting this up got my first coral w/o even cycling...guess i didnt do much reading n straight to add corals...so yea..add corals n fish...lolx...totally dumb...den came along some reefers that i slowly learnt things...things that i didnt even know i was suppose to do...like checking for nitrites etc..etc... Livestock 3x bumblebee snail 1x 6line wrasse 1x file fish 1x mushroom 1x gonio 1x pulsing xenia 1x red monti 1x ra birdnest i guess.. 1x coco worm 1x turbo snail
  6. Hi all, been camping in this forum for quite sometime...as the title says, yea...i am one kancong spider..as in putting in livestock too soon, etc...etc...so here goes noting, use to keep fw tank many years ago while i was a kid...didnt even know of wats parameters,filters and some other stuffs which im supposed to...lolx...noob after all...bt the thing is, i did manage to grow it to quite a size..abt 10-12cm from a baby.. so yea, thats my fw tank many years ago...as mention earlier, have been wanting to keep marine tank since young, bt u know, its not cheap with all the neccesary accessories
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