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  1. Have the above item for sale, as good as new. Used a few months only. Retail price $69, selling for $49. Have 3 pcs.
  2. Colour elements reserved, left vibrant. $30 take n go
  3. FM colour elements red, green and blue, each bottle has about 70% left. 500ml bottles, all 3 for $50 Vibrant, About 50% left for $35 Collection in the west near Clementi. WhatsApp me at 9823241six if interested.
  4. I’m using the 57watts, so far so good.
  5. You can try asking ReefMarketSG. They may provide such services. Changing pumps, adjusting water levels won’t be much of a help. You’ll need a gate valve to precisely tune the water level in the display tank in order to achieve the silence.
  6. Are you using the stock valve that came with the tank? Best solution is to swap it out with a gate valve, which was what I did to my redsea 750xxl. The stock valve is garbage and requires frequent maintenance if you wish to have it set up quietly.
  7. Pump is still working, impeller needs to be changed as there’s slight grinding noise. Selling for just $10. Collection in west side near Clementi, WhatsApp me at 98232416 if interested
  8. Added this beautiful chaoti wrasse from iwarna 3 weeks ago. It stayed hidden in the sand for more than a week, after which, made several appearances every few days. Today, it finally came out for 4 hours hahaha[emoji5]
  9. Bought it from ReefmarketSG, online LFS. $20 Here’s the link if you’re interested https://www.reefmarketsg.com.sg/aquaticexclusive-cleanse-ready-to-use
  10. The weekends are here! Time for a little tank maintenance. Will be taking the mp40 wetsides out for a clean. For those who know, vinegar can be a little harsh to the seal, which may result in the wetside to rust. Having seen a review of a product called AE cleanse on another thread, I decided to give it a shot as well. Soaked the wetsides in the ready-to-use solution for about an hour, and true enough, the coralline has soften and can be easily rubbed off with a sponge. Clean wetsides back into the tank[emoji5]
  11. With plans to introduce wrasses and jawfishes, I’ve decided to add a net top for the tank. Was contemplating between the DD and Red Sea net, and decided to get the Red Sea as I’ve used the DD one before, and would like to give Red Sea a try. Overall, both Brands have its pros and cons. The Red Sea frame was easy to cut with dremel, but incredibly challenging to spline the netting onto the frame. Too much force will cause the net to break. Compared to DD, the frame was slightly difficult to cut, even with a dremel. However, netting was really easy to add on. I’ve also added a 3D printed feeding ring from ReefMarketSG, now I don’t have to constantly remove my netting in order to feed frozen food/seaweed.
  12. It’s been a year since my last update. My “little reef” is no longer little anymore. Upgraded to a Red Sea 750XXL (6ft) earlier this year. Here’s a photo of it when I first got it setup. I’ve also DIY-Ed my own plumbing as I’ve read that the stock valve that came with Red Sea tanks were inconsistent, and required constant cleaning and tuning to achieve silent operation. Went ahead to pickup all my plumbing supplies from ReefMarketSG. Tank is now almost 8months old, battling all sorts of algae. Will post a more updated picture soon.
  13. Just wondering, why u selling it? Not good/doesn’t work?
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