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  1. These items are being sold on behalf of a reefer that has to decom due to ill health. All proceeds will go back to him. Negotiations are welcome, but please do not lowball. Thanks.
  2. Selling the below items on behalf of a friend that has decommed. Items have been cleaned and tested, in good working condition. Collection will be in the west side near Clementi on weekday evenings-night. WhatsApp me at 98232416 if interested MP40wQD - $280 (4year old, no rust on wetside. Rubber not aligned fully but does not affect performance at all) MP40wQD - $350 (1+ year old, has black RF chip, mobius compatible) Maxspect RSX R5-200 Light - $450(1 year + old, Rtp is $770) Reef octopus NWB 150 skimmer - $150(4year old) Seneye Reef aquarium w/ Brand new 3 slide pack -$170 (1y
  3. Did a little rescape with the Caribsea Shapes rocks recently. Very satisfied with the current scape now, hope to fill it with predominantly SPS, and a little LPS.
  4. Previously I mentioned that I’m battling against green cyano, and now I’m proud to say that I’ve won 90% of the battle with the help of Fauna Marine’s Red X. I will be making a short review of the product separately on a new thread, as I will keep this one short. Before After 14days Now that the Red X treatment is over, I’ve also dosed FM rebiotic as recommended, which is meant to repair and restore bacterial stability in the tank. Mixing the rebiotic into 1litre of water.
  5. Managed to get it for a good deal from a fellow Reefer.[emoji38]
  6. Recently bought an Apex Dos, but have yet to set it up as I’m not sure what I will use it for[emoji23]
  7. In terms of water clarity, yes there is. Previously my tank water would only be clear in the morning to early afternoon(not sure why), but with the UV, clarity is there throughout the day. But for diatoms and green cyano, not much improvement yet.
  8. And lastly.... my FTS. Once the battle of Cyanobacteria and diatoms are over, I will start stocking up some corals. Looking forward to that day.
  9. Some other shots of my current inhabitants.
  10. Moving on from the technical stuff, I’ve recently added some new fishes to the tank. I’ve been very fond of leopard wrasses since the start of the hobby, and always wanted to keep multiples of them together. To start off, I now have a beautiful Vivienne wrasse, slightly skinny but it’s eating all sorts of food well. Next up, a jewel wrasse. My all time favourite, the splendid leopard wrasse. You may notice that the colouration seems abit weird. I suspect it’s undergoing the process of sequential hermaphroditism, where it turns from a female to male(protogynous). A more commonly known h
  11. Been 1.5years since I updated my thread. Many things have changed, from equipments to livestocks, and many new problems along the way. To start off, I swapped out my gyres for 2 mp40s. It was too much of a hassle to maintain the gyre, as cleaning it would mean I have to redo my wiring each time. With the MP40, it’s so much more convenient to just remove the wet side and clean it. A problem that I’ve been facing for the past 2months is green cyano. I can’t seem to get rid of it, despite having relatively low nutrients. NO3 10-25, Po4 0.025. At this point, I’m still trying to fight it wit
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