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  1. This my 500 version LPS tank, had 250 before. Almost full .
  2. Thanks, I keep the room air-conditioned always.
  3. Dude, I'm not trying to tell you how your tank should be, but hear me out... Those tangs need a way way bigger tank. I'm usually against people telling me I can't have a tang in a smaller tank and I personally have a small yellow and blue one, saying that your tank is far too small for the naso tang and countless other fish you have there. It feels more like a restaurant tank where you pick out a fish to eat than something a hobbyist would do. You should consider removing 50% of the fish.
  4. My nitrate are around 10-20, so I doubt sps will do well in my tank.
  5. Back for an update! Fish are finally in and a few LPS changes. I think I managed to really cram in more! I thought it was full before, but I just couldn't resist finding more space.
  6. Update! It's full, cannot fit anymore, wish I could. Maybe I can get some side holders.
  7. Update! I doubt I can fit anymore.. I wish I could.. Sad and happy
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