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  1. Selling away my Hawaii yellow tang $200 3 to 4 inch size. Feeding pellets n mysis. Self collection at admiralty Pm or ws 87511439 to deal
  2. Selling off some of my hammers n torches 1st pic green tip torch $35 per head 2nd pic green torch $40 per head 3rd pic green hammer $40 per head 4th pic ultra blue wall hammer $180 5th pic bright orange wall hammer $180 Pm or ws me at 87511439 Collection at admiralty
  3. Have excess, so decided to sell off Red rhodactis $30 Lumi green rhodactis $30 Yellow base blue rim rhodactis $40 will frag from colony Purple rhodactis $40 Greenblue ricordea x2 $70 Zoas Speckled krak 1plyp $40 2plyp $60 Green paly $10 Nuclear death $10 Sakura sunrise $10 Fairy dust $10
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