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  1. 30" is quite deep for T5 without considering tubes' distance from the water surface. And I hope you will not be placing SPSs at the bottom of the tank. For the sake of comparing; I used 8 tubes for 18" depth and 18" wide. Tubes were just 3" from water surface, on for 16 hours a day, housed in individual reflectors. Most of my SPSs were near to the top. Hope it's help you.
  2. the most lousy tank I had ever seen in my life, and still dare to show. Advise your FC that Minister of Finance had approved your new setup.
  3. You can choose one of the name I listed here, so there won't be conflit between your wife and you when you talk about your dream. Flame Neo Lemon Peel Neo Yellow Neo Goby Neo Zoo Neo
  4. Our fellow reefer neokn's wife Kathy just delivered their first baby BOY today 1820 @ TMC. All the best wish to our fellow neokn family. Congrulation........
  5. Huh good thing people don't want. Than, I am going to cheap cheap. Who ever can close the deal by this FRIDAY, I am letting go at 390 S$ for whole set. Condation, who ever can pay more get higer prioprity
  6. Price Reduced to 475S$. Interested party SMS, I not often login.
  7. The best and most popular Korallin Calcium Reactor Made in Germany for SALE. It's easy to tune, set up ( plug and play ). - 15 months old however used for only 6 months. - CR is made in Germany. - CO2 Regulator is made in Italy, 2 stage regulator for easy and accurate bubble count setup. Package consits of Korallin 3001 ( with Orginal Eheim Circulation pump ) 2 Stage CO2 Regulator ( so you can tune 2 - 120 BPS ) CO2 tank. Price S$ 500 ( NonNego ), Orginal price was 1,200S$. Cash and Carry @ Houngang Area. Interested contect owner @ 90088730.
  8. Upz. Interested person can SMS me on 90088730. 540S$ fix. Used for only 6 months. CO2 regulator is 2 stage ( with needle valve ) No media.
  9. The war that Suga king encountering was failed. even with full hardworking of his entire arm forces. head of the air force weisoon reinforce minsmarine's the ants army was ambushed in the valley while patrick's goldfishes navy was clearing way to achieve breeding goldfish without water. the simple reason was concluded after the war, the king trusted the enemy because the holes army was lead by a WOMAN.
  10. well i just read the post and whether we should avoid buying from the illegal source shell we put our thinking hat first . all of us are using computer to read compose do work with our computer. are all software we are installed on the pc we are using have proper licensing? how about VCD DVD. its nothing to do wit environment but principle same. just my though
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