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  1. -Torch-purple with green tips4heads-$100 photo of mother colony -bright orange plate-$65 -large colony of zoas bigger than hand size-purple with green skirt-$45 -tube annemone-white with green strips and luminous green mouth-$35 -bright greenish/yellowish annemone at least palm size-$35
  2. 1-annemone, bright green patterns larger than palm size-$45 2-annemone green strips about palm size-$35 3-large colony of zoas-$45 4-bi colour plate-light and dark orange pattern-$70 5-large-green yumas on rock more than 10-$35
  3. -tube anemone light green mouth with white tentacles and green strips-$45 -large colony of green zoas with Yellowish mouth-$45 -colony of green and red zoas-$35 -green and dark purple mustroom-$35 -large colony of green and bluish mouth zoas-$45 Deal in the east, cheers!
  4. -rotifers for sale at $10/1.5L -blue teardrop maxima clam with purple base 14cm+/-$200 -large watermelon zoa colony 100 over polyps-$130 -purple base yuma with green spots at least 8 heads+-$40 -large green and white mustroom opens about palm size-$20
  5. Yes 8.4 is alright don't think u need to lower it
  6. Clearing some corals: 1. Green and orange zoa, large colony-$25 2.large colony or RPE-$35 3.yumas-7-10 heads-$25 4.green zoa-$35 5.hammer-purple tips with gold markings about palm length-$100
  7. RPE large colony-$35 Maxima clam purple with blue teardrops and markingsabout 3-4inch-$170 green with orange eye zoa palm size-$30 Yellowish greenish yumas 7-10 heads-$25
  8. Large yellowish greenish anemone-$45 Purple with green tip anemone-$40 Limi green -$35 Large zoas on rocks larger than palmsize-$45 Pink soft coral-$20 Collection in the east, pm for details
  9. Upz, Still looking for more
  10. Clearing some space -pink soft coral-$25 -fire n ice large colony-$35 -RPE large colony-$35 -.zoas on rock-$30 -large rock(about 2 palm size) multiple zoas-$45 -Rowa phos-1kg brand new-$50 Collection in the east tampines
  11. Looking for red goniopora(preferably colony), torches, hammer or frog spawn pls pm me thank you!
  12. Ups Still have a couple of frags available
  13. Selling some Yuma Purple base with bright green spots-$5 Green yuma-$7 Yellow/orange yuma-$15 Neon green anemone with red base-$27
  14. Hi looking for the above corals, preferably more than 2 heads, pm me thks:)
  15. Looking for reasonablely priced Jawbreaker’s and Bounce mushroom’s, pm me thanks
  16. Anyone selling the above at a reasonable price, pls let me know, thank you!
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