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  1. Hi all, have t following corals for sale just fragged so not fully opened: fiber optic, frag A about palm size-40 B-30 C-10 lime green monti frags A-12cm-40 B-7cm-$20 c-5cm-$15 D-4cm-$10 E-2cm-$5 Hammer(mother colony as reference) A-$47 B-$45 C-$35 D-$40
  2. looking for bright coloured zoas and mustrooms at a affordable price, PM me with photos if have, thks
  3. looking for nice coloured mustrooms, pls Pm me with photos n price. Thks
  4. upz anyone feeding on pallets and seaweed now
  5. selling t following torch and hammers(aquaculture ones) neon green torch larger than palm size, at least 4heads:$80 wall hammer $75(about palm size) neon branching hammer ($12/head, 3 heads for $32)
  6. hi all, selling this clown tang had him for some time relatively stable and has taken abit of pallets.However unable to get along with my angel,thus selling it @ $35 (about 8cm)
  7. hi all selling(trades are welcome too) a few frags of green monti and button polyps as the following: I just placed them in t tank after fragging so not fully extended,pics as t following Frag A:11×9cm-$37 C:15×10cm-$40 B:10×10cm-$30 D:14×10cm-$27 E:12x10cm-$45 F:7x10cm-$30 G:15×11cm-$45 H:$30(button)(larger than palm size) have other small frags ranging from $5-15
  8. Selling t following crocea clams at $75 each, need to make space on sand bed(brown squamosa not for sale)
  9. about palm size, healthy and swimming well, bought it but my regal isn't comfortable around it thus want to sell it going for $29
  10. hi anyone can ID this fish?
  11. Good day everyone have t following for sale, open to trades too 1-frogspawn coral with 2 clownfish-37(white light) 2,3-zoas-25 per rock 4-torch 3 heads-30 5-favia- 25 6- large disc mustroom-20 7-mustroom-3 8-large yellow tang-55(about palm size)
  12. frogspawn coral(brownish green)-at least 2 large heads $35 starfish- $22
  13. have the following SPS and some LPS for sale if anyone is interested, need to make space in tank:) 1 right about 14x8cm-$40 left slightly smaler $35 2 about fist size-$45 3 bigger than fist size-$30 4 about 8x7cm-$40 5 n 6 about palm size-$25 will upload more soon
  14. Don't worry too much as long as the "fleshly" parts are not damaged it should be alright:)
  15. meaby it was placed too closely to the lights, thus they bleached? Glad to know its better now
  16. nice set up, looks very neat and professional indeed!
  17. u can purchase any lights that is ideal for those planted tanks, would be suitable for the growth of chaeto, they are not very demanding
  18. hi, from the pics it looks like the more "transparent" head is bleaching, u might wanna check your tank perimeters and do whatever corrective measures.
  19. its a pink cauliflower coral, give it a moderate to strong flow;)
  20. still usable, i still use mine even though its slightly expired, still works!
  21. yupp its a Pistol shrimp
  22. as for the hair algae issue u can try and reduce your light duration and meaby u can try scrubbing them off with a sponge.
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