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  1. you can get this snails at pasir ris farmway 2, they usually have stocks there.
  2. u can try sea life live stocks there relatively affordable.
  3. can whatssap me 84842211
  4. have t following corals up for trade, looking more at lps but open to anyt
  5. thks, do where did u see it?
  6. u can try ginger, or reef safe medications available. But critical thing i find with "curing" ich is to ensure that whatever stress factors that is causing the ich are removed first.
  7. still looking anyone has any?
  8. freddy777

    WTG Gsp

    hi am keen too. pls pm:)
  9. anyone knows whats wrong with my brain, t rest of my corals are soing well. any help will be appreciated!
  10. hi, looking for unique colour hammer like yellow ect...preferably branching type.
  11. yess I have can't seem to fund any too, I think I'll give it another dip tmr
  12. alsi I have other clams that are doing well but I'm afraid that it might spread should I remove t sick clam?
  13. hi all, I have a clam with PM anyone has had effective solutions other than freshwater dips and running carbon? I did a 30 min fresh water dip on it 2 days back don't know if I should do it again as it still looks bad. Any suggestions will be appreciated!:)
  14. thks for t advice guys appreciate it alot:)Thing is if I feed mysis my other fish will eat everything before it gets to him. any idea how to ensure it gets fed?
  15. hmmm ok, how long can it survive without food? will it take pallets or flakes?I'm also worried cause my damsel was slightly aggressive towards it when it entered t tank.
  16. hi all, recently I bought this melanurus fairy wrasse so t moment I placed him in t tank he immediately went missing, I know this is kinda normal but I was just worried about it not eating and also anyone knows how long will it take for it to come out?
  17. anyone want to trade anyt for this fish, bought on impulse
  18. hi, anyone knows the light requirements for red bamboo and also it is ideal to use it in t sump?
  19. sorry its in t previous post, accidentally posted
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