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  1. The calibrating liquid is nothing but distilled water Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. Can pass u some chaeto put them in your refugium. I have lots of them around the chaeto Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  3. The purple octhodes are beautiful ! Hopefully u will harvest some for sale in the future hehehehehe Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. Home is where the heart is Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  5. What's Monster fish ? Anyway my bf used to have a freshwater tank which he covert to marine tank, just like you, soon he started hanging Reactors, skimmer, hang this Hang that, such an eyesore, in the end bought a new tank set with sump. I say, if possible do it write from the start get a tank with sump, it pays for itself in the Long run. However if you have to really settle for sumpless, must gets FOWLR: refractometer, hangon protein skimmer, wavemaker,liverock for denitrification , but if you don't mind the eyesore or have a place to hide marine blocks, they're really good for hosting beneficial bacterias, LPS/ soft coral: refractometer, liverock, hangon skimmer, phosban reactor, biopellet reactor, chiller , wavemaker, test kits : kH, pH, nitrate, phosphate at least . Good luck Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. i asked one of the burmese worker there, he referred to a file point to me the price clearly stating( carribean peppermint shrimp S 20, M 30)
  7. peppermint shrimp at cf going at $20 for small and $30 for medium, woahhhh
  8. Looks like a normal 4 stripe damselfish to me, which differs from the 3 stripe with the addition black stripe at the tail. I wouldn't keep this fish in my tank, but that's just my opinion , Cheers Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  9. Hoping for a Caribbean shipment soon, want a royal gramma and kole tang so badly
  10. Queen elizabeth of the commonwealth Queen sirikit of Thailand Empress Michiko of Japan. just kidding, last saw a few at TFC
  11. carribean shipment @ marine life henry. black cap basslet, french angel. blue neon goby bicolour angel
  12. saw 1 big 1 at T95, uncle say been there for 2-3weeks, he threw in mysis, they did eat. $5. i didnt buy, cause definitely too big for my nano , i suggest you call T95 to reserve
  13. ya i think i saw that sign, but when i went in, it leads me to a pile of construction and i don't see any shop, or was the shop closed that day or did i enter from the wrong side or something?
  14. anyone knows where i can buy copepods, copepod culture or algagen pods?
  15. please do pm me if youre selling flame angel sailfin tang coral beauty blue tang
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