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  1. TLF – KH POWER DRY 450 Grams Two Little Fishies KH Power offers an economical solution to maintaining proper alkalinity levels. Two Little Fishies KH Power is a fast-dissolving powdered blend of carbonate, bicarbonate, and borate salts designed to raise alkalinity and achieve a stable pH. After a pH of 8.3 is achieved, further additions of KH Power raise the alkalinity only. Shop [emoji116][emoji116][emoji116] https://reefmarketsg.com.sg/product/tlf-kh-power-dry-450-grams/ • • • #reefmarketsg #RMS #supportrms #sgreefclub #sgreefsupplies #allmymoneygoestocoral Sent from Singapore Reef C
  2. Aqua Forest Sea Salt Synthetic marine salt for aquariums with fish and less delicate corals and invertebrates. When setting up new aquariums it is recommended that the first animals are placed no sooner than 10-14 days after filling the aquarium. After dissolving the salt, freshly prepared marine water can be used immediately. Parameters of a salt are presented below: 24°C / 75.2°F Mg – 1200-1300 mg/l Ca – 360-400 mg/l K – 300-350 mg/l dKH – 8,0-9,0 pH – 8,0-8,2 Shop [emoji116][emoji116][emoji116] https://reefmarketsg.com.sg/product/af-sea-salt/ #reefmarketsg #RMS #supportrms #sgreef
  3. Mastertronic *Now Available* Basic Specification: • Measures PO4/ NO3/ Ca / Mg / dKH* / OLI (may add parameters in near future) • High Precision Stepper and DC Pumps • State of the art colorimetric photosensor • Simple to use iOS and Android App (Wifi). Focustronic App (all in one) • Communicate with Alkatronic/Dosetronic/Solartronic/Powertronic: local wifi via router • Nitrate (NO3)Accuracy / Precision (+/-) : 0.5 ppm / 0.1 ppm • Phosphate (PO4)Accuracy / Precision (+/-): 0.01 ppm / 0.005 ppm • Magnesium (Mg) Accuracy / Precision (+/-): 20 ppm / 20 ppm • Calcium (Ca) Accuracy / Precision
  4. Seachem Tidal[emoji769] Power Filters Designed to deliver the highest water quality possible with maximum versatility and ease of use Tidal[emoji769] Power Filters are designed from the ground up to provide your aquarium with high-quality, comprehensive filtration. They are easy to use and adaptable to a variety of aquarium conditions. With a host of features including a self-priming pump, dual water intake with surface skimmer, adjustable flow, maintenance monitor, self-cleaning impeller, and a filter basket that holds any kind of filtration media – and more of it – Tidal[emoji769] Power Fi
  5. Chinese New Year Lucky Draw!!!! Spend $50 for a chance to win. (1 reefer 1 chance with a min $50 spent) Valid for orders from 12 to 16 Feb Winners will be picked via randomnizer and announced on 19 Feb 14 Lucky Winners!!! GRAND Prize: Bubble King Supermarin 160 protein skimmer. [emoji2956] 2nd Prize: R80 & Hanging Kit 3rd Prize: Daibao LBS 30 wavemaker X2 4th Prize: Daibao DCS 4000 powerhead & AquaticExclusive Wool 5th Prize: AquaticExclusive CA MG KH & Carbon 6th Prize: AquaticExclusive ATO & Wool & Colour Dosing Tube 7th - 14th Prize: AquaticExclusive Fish Pel
  6. May this New Year bring immense Joy and Happiness. Many blessings for you and your family in the year to come. Wishes for the Chinese New Year. Team RMS #reefmarketsg #RMS #supportrms #sgreefclub #sgreefsupplies #allmymoneygoestocorals Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  7. CNY Operating Hours [emoji230] 11/02 Cny Eve: 10-12pm 12/02 初一:Closed 13/02 初二:Closed 14/02 初三:Closed 15/02 初四:Back to usual Happy Chinese New Year and please stay safe! Stay tuned to our POWERFUL Giveaway tmr. Hear Say got Bubble King.[emoji2958][emoji41][emoji3060] Faster stalk us at #reefmarketsg for a chance to win a king of skimmer. HENG ONG HUAT AH! [emoji531][emoji531][emoji531] #reefmarketsg #allmymoneygoestocorals #RMS #supportrms #sgreefclub #sgreefsupplies Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  8. Spectra aqua knight V2 light 35W White Blue Royal Blue Purple 3 Channel (Manual) Timer Function Features: LEDs: 9 x 3watt (3 @ 10,000K, 4 @ 455nm, 1 purple 430nm 1 Cree Blue 465nm) 4 Different type of the LED chips 90 degree secondary optical lens Three-channel control (Touch Screen) Full Spectrum Impressive 1850 Lumen light output Colour Temp.: 18,000K for Blue / 10000K for White 2 silent cooling fans Sleek Design Secure bracket for glass up to 1cm (3/8″) thick (Max 12mm Tank Use) Flexible goose neck arm Remote power supply Aluminum construction for better heat dissipation Channel 1: Royal B
  9. JEBAO MDC Pump Series (WIFI) Specifications: Model: MDC-5000, MDC-6000, MDC-8000, Rated power: 40W, 45W, 65W, Voltage: 24V Height: 4.0M, 4.5M, 5.2M, 6.0M Capacity: 5500L/H, 6200L/H, 8000L/H, Protection Grade: IPX8 Features: Ultra quiet operation. High performance with innovative electronic motor, and energy saving up to 65%. IC electronic detection, automatic power-off protection upon no water. With wear-resistant ceramic shaft, longer operation life. WIFI + manual controller. Package Included: 1 x Wifi Water Pump MDC Series Shop [emoji116][emoji116][emoji116] https://reefmarkets
  10. TLF pH-Balance[emoji2400] Our new buffer for marine and reef aquariums, pH-Balance, raises both carbonate alkalinity and pH and won’t overshoot the pH too high, making it easy to maintain a pH of 8.3. Packaged in 225g, 450g, and 1kg jars Shop [emoji116][emoji116][emoji116] https://reefmarketsg.com.sg/product/tlf-ph-balance/ #reefmarketsg #RMS #supportrms #sgreefclub #sgreefsupplies #allmymoneygoestocoral Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  11. Two Little Fishies Reborn[emoji2400] Reborn[emoji2400] coarse aragonite media for calcium reactors is composed of fossil skeletons of reef building corals sustainably harvested from pristine sites in the Western Pacific. When dissolved, ReBorn replenishes calcium and carbonate alkalinity, strontium and trace elements. The coarse size of ReBorn allows for unrestricted water flow and easy diffusion of carbon dioxide, for maximum efficiency and easy maintenance of the calcium reactor. ReBorn dissolves completely and will not turn to mush! Shop [emoji116][emoji116][emoji116] https://reefmarkets
  12. Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor 550 The PhosBan Reactor 550 is designed with the upflow principle to achieve the most efficient use of PhosBan[emoji2400] or other chemical filter media. By pushing water from the bottom upward through a dispersion plate, it forces an even distribution of water through the media, and prevents channeling. It can be mounted hanging on the back of the aquarium or below the aquarium. Includes ball valve for regulating flow, and flexible connection fittings that rotate 180 degrees to allow a perfect custom fit to your installation. The threaded lid design makes se
  13. Flourish Phosphorus[emoji769] Phosphorus supplement for the planted aquarium A safe 4500 mg/L solution of potassium phosphate Takes the guesswork out of phosphate dosing Shop [emoji116][emoji116][emoji116] https://reefmarketsg.com.sg/product/seachem-flourish-phosphorus-250ml/ #reefmarketsg #RMS #supportrms #sgreefclub #sgreefsupplies #allmymoneygoestocoral Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  14. Seachem Flourish Trace[emoji769] 250ML Trace elements supplement for the planted aquarium Allows for more frequent dosing than a broad spectrum supplement without worrying about a build up of more slowly used component Shop [emoji116][emoji116][emoji116] https://reefmarketsg.com.sg/product/seachem-flourish-trace-250ml/ #reefmarketsg #RMS #supportrms #sgreefclub #sgreefsupplies #allmymoneygoestocoral Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  15. Seachem Stability[emoji2400] New tank stabilization system for marine and freshwater Rapidly and safely establishes bio-filter Prevents “New Tank Syndrome” Shop [emoji116][emoji116][emoji116] https://reefmarketsg.com.sg/product/seachem-stability/ #reefmarketsg #RMS #supportrms #sgreefclub #sgreefsupplies #allmymoneygoestocoral Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  16. CORALIFE UV Sterilizer Turbo Twist 3x, Ultra-violet light *Back INSTOCK*! Coralife Turbo-Twist ultra-violet sterilizers is ideal for coral marine aquariums. It feature a unique twist flow design that guides water flow more evenly through the sterilizer, increasing exposure to ultraviolet light and improving the treatment of unwanted algae and harmful microorganisms. SHOP [emoji116][emoji116][emoji116] https://reefmarketsg.com.sg/product/coralife-uv-sterilizer-turbo-twist-3x-ultra-violet-light/ #reefmarketsg #RMS #supportrms #sgreefclub #sgreefsupplies #allmymoneygoestocoral Sent from
  17. Seachem Now AVAIL Shop [emoji116][emoji116][emoji116] https://reefmarketsg.com.sg/brand/seachem/ #reefmarketsg #RMS #supportrms #sgreefclub #sgreefsupplies #allmymoneygoestocoral Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  18. ESHOPPS Nano skimmer back in stock with a new [emoji170]. Features Sicce Micra Venturi Pump Needle-Wheel impeller Magnetic Mount Removable collection cup 10-35g Tank Small Footprint of 4 ½” x 2 1/4“ x 11 ½” Shop [emoji116][emoji116]https://reefmarketsg.com.sg/product/eshopps-nano-skimmer/ #reefmarketsg #RMS #supportrms #sgreefclub #sgreefsupplies #allmymoneygoestocoral Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  19. NYOS QUANTUM[emoji2400] 220 The NYOS[emoji2400] Quantum[emoji2400] 220 is an efficient and silent high performance skimmer for tanks up to 2.000 litres (500 gal). PUMP Quantum[emoji2400] 5.0 TANK SIZE 500 – 2.000 litres (125 – 500 gal) POWER 22 W DIMENSIONS (LXWXH) 23.5 x 31 x 60.5 cm (9.3 x 12.2 x 23.8″) Shop [emoji116][emoji116]https://reefmarketsg.com.sg/product/nyos-quantum-220/ #reefmarketsg #RMS #supportrms #sgreefclub #sgreefsupplies #allmymoneygoestocoral Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  20. Royal Exclusiv Bubble King[emoji2400] Double Cone 250 + RD3 Speedy Technical data Bubble King[emoji2400] Double Cone 250: Skimmer-pump: Motor speed adjustable Bubble King Red Dragon[emoji2400] 3 Mini Speedy pump 50 Watt 1.500 l/h Delivery rate adjustable: max. ~ 1.500 l/h Air inlet and max. ~ 4.000 l/h Water inlet Wattage – active power: P = min. 15Watt – max. 50 Watt Operating voltage: 230 Volt 50 Hz (also in 110V/60Hz available) Protection class: IP 68 Water level: ~ 130 mm up to ~ 250 mm Weight skimmer: 9 kg inclusiv pump Dimension skimmer without pump: 300 mm wide / 370 mm length /
  21. NYOS QUANTUM[emoji2400] 120 The NYOS[emoji2400] Quantum[emoji2400] 120 is an efficient and silent high performance skimmer for tanks up to 500 litres (125 gal) PUMP Quantum[emoji2400] 1.0 TANK SIZE 100 – 500 litres (25-125 gal) POWER 8 W DIMENSIONS (LXWXH) 15 x 21 x 46.5 cm (5.9 x 8.3 x 18.3″) Shop [emoji116][emoji116][emoji116] https://reefmarketsg.com.sg/product/nyos-quantum-120/ #reefmarketsg #RMS #supportrms #sgreefclub #sgreefsupplies #allmymoneygoestocoral Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  22. HDPE 1L Bottle Suitable for use for DIY dosing container. Shop [emoji116][emoji116][emoji116] https://reefmarketsg.com.sg/product/hdpe-1l-bottle/ #reefmarketsg #RMS #supportrms #sgreefclub #sgreefsupplies #allmymoneygoestocoral Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  23. DAIBAO DCS Pump (Series) DAIBAO intelligent variable frequency water pump is a tested, safe and high-end product with good performance. Features – 24v low voltage – Flow assisted pressurization – Sine wave ultra-silence – Automatic recovery after feeding/power outage – Power display memory/automatic alarm function – 1-20 flow regulation, 2-20 wave making function Parameter Model Voltage Power Flow Lift DCS-4000 DC 24V 16-30W 4000L/h 2.7M DCS-6000 DC 24V 20-50W 6000L/h 3.5M DCS-9000 DC 24V 35-88W 9000L/h 5.0M
  24. Maxspect Coral Glue 5g Jar (20pcs) A 100% reef safe glue with a thick viscosity and can be used underwater. Each pack includes 20 .18oz single use squeeze tubes. Shop [emoji116][emoji116][emoji116] https://reefmarketsg.com.sg/product/maxspect-coral-glue-5g-jar-20pcs/ #reefmarketsg #RMS #supportrms #sgreefclub #sgreefsupplies #allmymoneygoestocorals Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  25. Hailea HK 1000A 1 HP Chiller *INSTOCK* Hailea HK-1000A is an efficient chiller that keeps aquarium chilled and stay cold with a stable temperature range, allowing marine fish and corals to thrive. KEY FEATURES – HK SERIES Uses environmentally-friendly Freon-Free R134a refrigerant. Anti-corrosive Pure Titanium Heat Exchanger. Suitable for fresh and saltwater chilling. New Quick-Chill Boost function (2hr and 24/7) for fast chilling of water to preset temperature. Reliable and quiet operation. SPECIFICATIONS OF HK-1000A These are the specifications of Hailea HK-1000A: Power: 1HP Voltage: 22
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