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  1. 32" Palladin LCD TV Bought New : $1699(couple of months back) UnderWarranty : Yes Selling Price : $1000 Philips Projector Bought New : $2500 UnderWarranty : No Selling Price : $1200 Bulb Hours : 6000 , used < 100hrs http://www.projectorcentral.com/Philips-bSure_SV2.htm DA-Light Projector Screen Bought New : $200 Selling PRice : $120 Not Used before. Still in Box. Pioneer DVD Player Bought New : ~$150 Selling Price : $80 UnderWarranty : Yes Used only once for an occasion. Sharp 1 bit HomeTheatere system(DVD player) Bought New : $1300 UnderWarranty : Yes Selling Price : $600 http://sharp-world.com/products/1-bit/prod...50dv/index.html Acardia Luminus T5(New ATI Tubes(bought 3mths ago) Bought New : $300+ Selling Price : $100
  2. Hi, Been getting quite a lot queries. For now, the tank has been reserved till tuesday. Thanks. Regards, Eric
  3. yeah, infact i have lots of stuffs to sell(from projector+screen), hometheatere, 32" LCD TV etc etc... since I am leaving Singapore, cant bring most of the stuffs. Interested to clear everything the soonest possible.
  4. added the first round... not sure why i didn't manage to attach it. Anyway, done.
  5. Hi, I am letting go my tank at $400. Bought if sometime in Nov. Job relocation thus have to let it go. Tank was meant for Marine setup but since I didn't have time to manage it, I ended up rearing cichlids. pvt msg me if you are keen with the tank. Need to let it go by April. Regards, Eric
  6. RD, too expensive. out of budget. OR and Laguna seems like an alternative... any more options?
  7. was really tempted to stick to 3ft height but chickened out. As I am positioning my tank beside the sofa, I think it'll be too high to enjoy the whole view if i'm to go for 3ft. Ended up, i asked the tank maker to lowe it to 2.5ft(H). see how it goes.....
  8. Guys, I'm sure you have lots of experience with different pumps. I was wondering if you there are any recommendations on the pumps that quiet? very low humming sound... Quiet enough that it doesn't disturb you while you are enjoying your movies? My tank is just beside the sofa, so I really appreciate a quiet pump. Pls advice. Regards, Eric
  9. Hi Guys, I've ordered a 3x2x2.5ft tank. The tank maker told me this : Base Cabinet Height - 3ft(36") Tank Height - 2.5ft(30") Tank wood-hood(open type) - 1ft(12") Total height from ground is around 6ft. I think it's quite tall and to maintain the tank can be a hassle. is 36" an overkill? I guess having a taller cabinet means we can use those 32" skimmer without problems.... But I doubt I'll be using these skimmers. Thinking of trying out the Tunze skimmers which is small and quiet. What are your thoughts on this? For those that has 2.5ft(H) tank. What is your cabinet measurement(Height)? thanks. Regards, Eric
  10. hi symee, this is what i get a VW forum which was extracted from one of the brochures on their latest engine(FSI): ------------ "Thanks to knock control, unleaded four star (at least 95 RON) can be used instead of unleaded Super plus. In order to achieve maximum fuel consumption benefits on the FSI engine, Ultra Low Sulphur Petrol (ULSP) must be used." ----------- i had the impression that it's better to go for higher RONs(which inturn is better in petrol quality)... no? if i am not mistaken it's the older engines that may have problem if the owner uses higher RONs. I also have the impression that BHP(horsepower) ratings are not entirely correct due to the RONs. eg. If you use petrol with 100RON, your BHP rating could be higher compare to 95RON.
  11. waaa... 4 ppl also you need a riot police ah? a bit overboard kua?
  12. let's call it a HE. seems that he likes getting his tummy caressed. sometimes, i'll dip my hand into the tank and touch it's belly. he'll just stay still. tummy super soft.
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