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  1. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. I have started this amazing hobby about 4 years ago and I have gotten many good advice from reefing seniors here. Started with a simple 2-3 feet tank (set up by some startup/hobbyist company), then upgraded to Fluval Edge (12 gallon) which was a mistake because the opening was too small, then to the Innovative Marine 10g (nice), next was a bigger acrylic tank maybe 15-16g including the canister filter (acrylic - bad idea due to scratches!) One of my favorite long-living Nemo died and I got tired of the hobby suddenly -all the water spillage, the water change, the RODI preparation, the expense
  3. Thanks bros for the pulse setting. The 0.25 Sec works. The increment is 0.25. Thanks so much!!! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. Thanks for all the advice. It is almost safe to say it is not a replacement of the MP10 but if you want smartphone connect without apex or the ecotech hub this is a good buy. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  5. Thanks for the maths! Mine is a 40cm by 40cm nanotank. Lol. Some minor edits to the above review. I think the connection is via Bluetooth only and not WiFi. Unlike the AI Prime light. When I turned off the Bluetooth on my phone it alerted me to turn it on. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. This is a short review as further extensive tests are required. I got this as a replacement for the Nanostream Tunze 6040 (which is working fine). Before that, I have the iconic EcoTech MP10 which broke down 2 years ago and was beyond repair. Retail price for Nero 5 is SGD390. The Good It is small like a pluck. The waves are powerful (google for the specs) The control unit looks elegant. It just works It is silent. Setting up various modes (random, constant, feed time) is a breeze. It looks amazingly high tech in a tank. Setup using Bluetooth is a walk in the park. iPhone and
  7. Zeovit is a famous brand which propagate a low nutrient system. Google it. Zeolites is a kind of porous stones. You are right. But you can get Seachem Zeolites which I think is cheaper Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  8. Hi I just upgraded my tank from 10g to 14g. I lost two creatures due to overconfidence as I threw away the old sand as it was dirty. I think the trick is to transfer everything and have zeolites ready. Zeolites turns out to be the best emergency ammonia absorber. So even if the new tank is not fully recycled the zeolites will kick in. And stock up some good activated carbon and Prime. The lesson i learned is that somehow the bacteria level is based on the occupants. Say you have lots of marine pure in a tank which far exceeds the tank size. The amount of good bacteria (there is a science term
  9. The anemone just grew as big as the plate coral next to it. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  10. Thanks Johnson. It grew so big I have to change to a larger tank. Lol Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  11. It looks like that now. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  12. For the record, no fish is harmed. More importantly this is a controlled experiment -DO NOT EVER set up a marine tank without proper cycling. Thirdly, I use some experimental enzyme that consumes ammonia and nitrate. The purpose of this experiment is, at least to me, learn about nitrogen cycle and how far we can use the latest "bacteria in a bottle": method to cycle the tank. But this is not a "pure" test as I have transferred some porous medium full of bacteria from my lab tank. Call me a wimp I just cant let the fish suffer ammonia poisoning. Here goes: Lots of chaetos I bought fr
  13. Thanks for all the great ideas! And I have Seachem Prime on standby. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  14. Dear Reefers, We all have experienced the following situations before (this is written in a jest manner so take this with a pinch of ..salt*): While tampering with the filter medium, you saw some unsightly dirty filter floss or sponge, and you think to yourself, "hmmmm I can just clean it to reduce Nitrate build up, I know there is good bacteria inside but hey, I have plenty of ammonia-converting bacteria in the live rock, sand, Marine Pure, floss, so cleaning THIS PIECE wont make any difference". You washed the floss and replaced it back in the tank and the next morning, the corals
  15. My readings are 0 nitrate (even on high resolution kit red sea), 0 phosphate, alkalinity is 7, calcium is way too high at 600 but it could be an old test kit. So it is a low nutrient tank. I dosed redsea Nopox 2 ml daily now reducing to 1 ml daily. Has a micro refugium powered by chaetomax led, the chaeto is alive but not growing due to the low nutrients, and the minimax reactor is 80% zeolites and 20% biopellet. I pump the minimax reactor daily like the zeovit method. Weekly I dosed ATM Outbreak which is a bacterial source. In the canister I have 3 packets of activated carbon, deNitrate and
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