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  1. Hi all, just an update. Slowly reduced my salinity to the 'real' 1.024 as per my new hydrometer over a week's time... and bought 2x new soft coral on saturday. They have opened up real nicely so far! No more instant death. Thanks all for the help!
  2. Haha thought of it... but dont have space for that lei... n hardest part is need to convince family member due to extra space needed lol. Also feel bad for throwing so mny plastic bottles every time. I've always buy from LFS and never really bother about salinity. Have been reefing for at least 3 years and never added salt before cos i assume their water is ok. But this latest tank that i have is the one i put most money n effort into lol. That's why i thought i wanted to follow the recommended salinity of 1.024.. then i started to add salt (started with red sea salt that is for SPS dominant tank... then changed to coral pro.) But didnt expect e hydrometer was giving problem. Come to think of it, the instant death of coral might have started when i start adding salt to increase salinity... the best moment of my tank MIGHT be before i add salt... cant really rmb Previously was vry budget simple kind of tanks cos still young no money. Lol
  3. Hi Mervyn, Yeah just did a small water change this morning... removed like 4 cups of water n top up with fresh water (ntuc life brand).. gonna do this slowly everyday.. hope it helps
  4. Hi Otaku, What is red bucket lol. Like whats the name. Changed to this cos website say this is for mixed reef.. previously used e one for sps dominant tank n corals start dying... therefore i changed haha
  5. Hi guys. Managed to get a second hydrometer first and tested my water... wow this new one shows salinity exceeding the readings and going all the way to the top while my old one still shows plus minus 1.024.. Tried the new hydrometer in my dad's goldfish tank n the arrow didnt move at all (stay at bottom) so i doubt this is a faulty hydrometer lol.. So my guess now MIGHT be the salinity that is causing "instant" deaths to my corals. N i noticed the new snails i added three days back are actin weird.... hmm, how did my cleaner shrimp and xenia survive the crazy salinity if that is the reason haha. Anyway, i will slowly bring the salinity back down... maybe the "1.017" reading i got from buying saltwater from LFS was actually the good level and i messed it up... thks n will update u guys!
  6. Hi KL Tay, I do water change weekly with saltwater purchased from LFS. Will add some red sea Coral Pro Salt to increase salinity to 1.024 to match my tank cos i realized the water i buy usually is around 1.017.. i use those NTUC Life brand water for top ups though. Thks
  7. Hi Solo77, Thanks for replying. My salinity is kept at 1.024... I'm using those hydrometer that u fill with water and the arrow moves to point at the markings. Have been using this for the past 4years perhaps. Not sure whether it has gone inaccurate after so mny years lol. Will get a new hydrometer later. Is it okay if i buy back the same kind? Or i need to get some expensive type? Thks!
  8. Hi guys, Need some help on keeping softies.. My tank is about 1+yrs old and i only keep softies like leather, xenia..The softies used to do very well, expanding and growing until when my tank hit almost a year... one day everything just decided to die. Really everything.. only thing left was my pulsing xenia. Few months down, my xenia is still doing pretty well n spreading. I still would love to have leathers in my tank so on off, i will try adding one into my tank.. but they just die within five days.. the fastest record was by the next day. Fish, shrimp, snails and the xenia are doing fine, just my tank causes immediate death to those softies Anyone have any idea what could be so deadly about my tank? I've only heard about softies SLOWLY wasting away due to bad water etc... but never instant death.. appreciate some help on this... thanks.
  9. I managed to peel off the base from the rock... it was easier then i thought... but this coral abit unlucky, keep tio aim.. This toadstool is my "happiest coral" that i have so far and reason i got a bigger tank is because it is outgrowing my nano... Anyway after i peel it off and managed to take a closer look at it, i realized that there are three holes that goes right through the coral. There is this slime trail of sand which forms this tunnel inside the coral. I recognize this slime tunnel which is the one made by either bristleworm/ Eunice worm (?) as I've seen it all over my sandbed. Have used a turkey baster to blast away most of the slime and sand, but there are still some leftover deep in within the coral which i am unable to reach. The toadstool is still fat and have its tentacles out, color looks normal as well except for the damaged areas which are a little white. Believe it will just need time to recover and close up the holes, but anyone has any advise whether leaving some leftover sand and slime in the coral will stop it from regenerating? Thanks! =)
  10. Hi all, As per title, I would like to move a few leather coral from my existing tank to a new one that is cycling now. However the leather coral is on a piece of LR, and there are aiptsias on the liverock AND a few on the leather itself (the coral seems to be doing okay tho). I would like try to prevent aiptasia form going into my new tank as much as possible... Any advise on how should i go this? I'm thinking of pulling out the coral into a separate tank with light... and then using aiptasia X on alternate days to elimnate them... will this work? Thanks!
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