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  1. Sorry all reserved for now. Thanks for interest.
  2. 7 palm size orange bta to let go. $5 each. Collection tampines. Kindly contact 96339933
  3. Any bro letting go their reeflink for radion? Kindly contact me at 9six 339933. Thanks!
  4. $5 per handful. Collect tampines anytime until friday night. 96339933
  5. Willing to trade for 1 emerald crab also can
  6. PM me to deal. Location tampines.
  7. Thanks so much Freddy! Kind of you to spare me your miracle mud! Appreciate it!
  8. Good morning! Up for Sunday! Anyone wanna trade for these 2 pieces of macro algae?
  9. Want to start deep sand bed to experiment. Anyone who has spare sand to spare kindly pm me. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi bro, i am interested ochtodes at the moment to try. Is it possible?
  11. Xtraster

    WTG Chaeto

    Just did sump maintanence today. Contact me if you need Chaeto.
  12. Hi, I have this macro algae in picture to trade. Anyone has other macro algae to swop? Not looking for Chaeto...
  13. U need not cover the hole once the water drawn up fills the chamber fully.
  14. I think your vacuum broke... u need to cover the hole with your finger to allow water to be drawn upwards... the round black plug with a hole next to cup.
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