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  1. Hi There, Decided to give up this amazing hobby sadly due to unable to commit time due to work. Great set for starters or quarantine tank. Innovate Marine Fusion Peninsula Tank 14 Gallon – Condition 9/10 Some waterstain which will not be visible after adding salt water in. I clean with only tap water. Nemolight (Marine) 36 Watt – Condition 7/10. Relatively old light but great lighting. Able to control the colours with 12 hours timer. Strong enough to host a few anemones and managed to get one to split. Bubble Magnus External Skimmer – Great skimmer which does not take up extra space in the tank. Take some time tunning the skimmer pumping thou. Kindly PM me if your are keen or you have any further questions . Thank you. Best Regards, Shah
  2. Sorry lis9090 to hear on the Ich invasion. I can't remember how long it took me as I got a new tank in between. Hope all works out well. I was using the API test kit, got it from Petsmart at Serangoon North. Agree with Alons, the colour chart is hard to gauge.
  3. Sorry to bump up this thread. I got this AL60 as a gift which was bought in China. Need help with my AL60 chiller setting. I have no idea how this thing works! Played around with the Set, Rst , up and down button to get the chiller working but had no control over the temperature. Temperature shows it can go down frm 22 Deg to 32 Deg yesterday in my 16L Nano tank. Any kind soul can help with the setting please to main at 27 Deg? Thank you very much.
  4. I had a painful experience with Cupramine. Not sure what I did wrong but do stand by the Cuprisorb and Cu Test kit ready and monitor carefully. Waiting for 10 June now before I can start getting fishes now! Its been almost 2 months hopefully the ich is really gone.
  5. Haha... Nice add on. I am still considering this RO unit too. Currently have been getting my supply from JB. Every month, I'll get a couple of 5L RODI bottle for weekly water change.
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