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  1. Package Black Torch and Green torch with Zoas 55..
  2. It have been a long and steady reefing journey for close to 2 years. So far tank corals and inverts have been pretty stable all my LPS are blooming very well to the extend I don't think I could placed any more till I plan to decide on... Tank Size: 2ft by 2ft by 2ft Cabinet with Sump. Dosing: Tropic Marin Carbocalcium Powder Skimmer: Deltec ATS Media: marine Pure Block and Cubes 1. Major upgrades 2. Fully decommission it 3. Just maintain as it is. What do you guys think?
  3. Package Black Torch and Green torch with Zoas 58..
  4. Taken today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Price reduce to 60 Ups ups
  6. Black torch with green torch package price at 65 bucks FOC zoas
  7. Came a long way have been reefing since December 2016. When i decided to convert from 6ft arowana tank to a nano marine tank. Well all I would say it a lot more expensive to maintain a marine tank as compare to arowana tank. So far many good things had happened Upgrade from Nano to a 2ft. After 3 years now my tank is fully stock up with different LPS why i only choose LPS well firstly my tank is rather small can't really keep SPS as they are less aggressive as compare to LPS. Just focus on one type. My over all favorites are still hammers different design, colors as compare to torches.
  8. Frog spawn and true octos can go with Hammers. True Octos are lumi green colors. Different between OCTOS and Frog Spawn: OCTOS doesn't have splits tips at the steam where else frog spawn they have split tips. Both of the type mention above can't go with torch.
  9. What the estimate price of this piece? You scolly easily blew the 5 figure sum impressive.
  10. Great updates your coral growth is amazing.
  11. Leon for your Salt Salinity what is your tank set at? May I know what the KH values for your fresh Salt MIX?
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