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  1. Looking for the above...anyone who is letting go, kindly PM Thanks
  2. The back of your tank (almost covered) is what kind of coral? Can advise....am keen. Thanks
  3. Where to collect if keen?
  4. Selling Pair Lighting maroon ( nice design) & Golden nugget clownfishes. Price: $300 for the pair 5FB46F8D-0684-4406-8255-DC3082B896EE.MOV
  5. Thanks for the information. It’s not black face type
  6. Hi, am looking on the above, anyone letting go, please pm me . Thanks
  7. Correct me ...thought po4 should be as 0 as possible ?
  8. Hi, would like to check with you what you mean when you mentioned you stopped dosing PO4 & PO4 dropped??? Thanks
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