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  1. Selling due to Upgrade Old Version (White Color Controller) PM for more info. Collect at Sembawang
  2. Looking for 1-3 poly of Acan(any color) Kindly PM me if u have and willing to sell. Thanks
  3. Selling above at $20 Feeding on Pellets no Ich. Collect at Sembawang
  4. Size: Small Giving away due to tank insufficient Copepods for it to eat. Collect at Sembawang
  5. Selling 2 x Sexy Shrimp selling at $5 FOC 1 x frag of Golden Clove (4poly) Collect at Sembawang
  6. Selling 2 x Sexy Shrimp 1x anemone Shrimp alll for $12 Collect at Sembawang
  7. Selling above at $80 Been with me for 2 year and been laying eggs Wanted to sell due upgrade to Keep Picasso Clown Pair Will be uploading e photo and video shortly Collect at Sembawang
  8. Selling at $40 3rd head is growing put Collect at Sembawang
  9. PM for video/photo Collect at 751589
  10. 6-Line Wrasse + Cleaner Shrimp(S) selling at $10 Collect at 751589A
  11. 1) AF Bio S (10ml) (left with more than 95%) 2) AF Pro Bio S (10ml) (left with more than 95%) 3) AF Amino Mix (10ml) (left with more than 95%) 4) AF Calcium Plus (200ml) (left with more than 95%) 5) AF KH Plus (200ml) (left with more than 95%) 6) AF MG Plus (200ml) (left with more than 95%) 7) AF Strontium (10ml) (left with more than 95%) 8)AF Iodum (10ml) (left with more than 95%) All for $75 Collect at Sembawang.
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