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  1. Better Photos taken today with the polyps open.
  2. Not sure what type it is. Could be a rainbow monti. has red and green polyps as shown. Healthy and growing fast in my tank. $40 collect at 436606. WhatsApp only 91398125.
  3. Really huge and healthy lobo for sale. Diameter 18cm. only $80 collect from 436606. Whatsapp 91398125.
  4. Really Large healthy lobophyllia for sale again. Previous buyer backed out. Size diameter 18cm. $80 whatsapp 91398125 collect from postal code 436606
  5. $15 frags reserved already! The rest still avail!
  6. Chalice frags $12 each $15 for the two circled collection at 436606 Whatsapp me at : 87191232 if interested
  7. Collect at 436606. Whatsapp 91398125.
  8. Have a few healthy pink pulsing Xenias attached to rocks for sale. #1. 4 separate clumps total 5 stems in big rock $20 #2. 1 clump with 3 stems. $15 #3. 1 clump with 4 stems $13 #4. 1 clump with 1 stem. $12 Last pick just shows the first 3 items in order from left to right. Take more for discounted pricing.
  9. Letting go this brain which I have kept for a few years because I’m converting to a fish only tank. It has grown to this really large size. Compare it to the size of my hand. 18cm diameter. eats pellets and any frozen food readily. Super healthy. $120 collect at 436606. Whatsapp 91398125.
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