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  1. Used for 4.5 years. Still in perfect working condition. No problems at all. I will give a 2 week personal guarantee. $199. Slightly negotiable. whatsapp 9139812five. collect from 436606.
  2. 3 foot tank complete with cabinet and sump tank and all the pipes. Glass tank L90 x W50 xH60 cm. Height with cabinet 141cm. 5 years old. Has some usual wear and tear but still very good overall. Rusty door hinges as shown in pics. Comes with a new filter sock. $180. can bundle with its circulating pump if interested. whatsapp 9139812five. pickup/ view at 436606
  3. final call clearance sale!!!!! 1. Beautiful Red Sea cucumber. 10 inches long. Free bucket of life sand. $10 only!!!! 2. Soft leather coral. Healthy and will grow easily. Will turn a beautiful green if kept properly (See the 3rd picture taken 2 years ago). 25cm diameter. I didn’t keep it properly as I converted to FOWLR so it was constantly nipped by fish. No worries still very healthy and big. Attached to rock. $20 only!!! whatsapp 91398125 pickup at 436606. IMG_9274.MOV
  4. I have to clear the live rocks by this week. Will accept any offer! WhatsApp 91398125 with your offer!
  5. Live rocks. Further reduced to $99. First come first served! Bring own pail. WhatsApp 9139812five for faster replies. location 436606
  6. This is an expired Red Sea trace colors pro multi test kit. Expiry date Oct 2021. Used only once. Giving away free to anyone who buys anything in my listings. whatsapp 9139812five. pick up 436606
  7. 1. Live rocks. Whole lot. $150. 2. Green brain coral. Tennis ball size. $20 3. leather coral. Large 20cm diameter. $20 4. Dragon wrasse $10 5. Red Sea cucumber $15 collect from 436606 whatsapp 91398125
  8. Hi, all sold except following still available. 1. 3 ft tank with cabinet. Complete set $200 2. Hailea 66a chiller $180. Works as good as new. No issues at all. 3. Old test kits. $20. See attached expiry dates. whatsapp 91398125. Items slightly negotiable.
  9. Yellow Tang is sold. Left with dragon wrasse and Red Sea cucumber and a couple of snails.
  10. Yellow Tang - Price reduced to $350. Really great bargain for such a large and beautiful specimen. Very stable and good tank citizen.
  11. Giving up hobbly. Have to sell everything. 1. 3 foot tank complete with cabinet and sump tank and all the pipes. Glass tank L90 x W50 xH60 cm. Height with cabinet 141cm. 5 years old. Has some usual usual wear and tear. Rusty door hinges. Still in fairly good condition overall. Will throw in freebies like the water circulating pump (paid $80), a new filter sock. asking $250. 2. Skimmer $100. Good sized. Forgot model number. Works perfectly. 3. Jebao auto dosing pump. Master and slave sets sold together with 3 plastic bottle and all tubes. Total 8 outlets. $20. One Button seem to be a little unresponsive at times. Must press several times. 4. Sump tank lights. $8 5. Kessil A360N E series Tuna blue & A360W E series. Each comes with it’s flexible stands. 1 for $200. Take Both for $300. 4.5 years old. Works as good as new. 6. Jebao cross wavemaker CP-25. $40. 2 years old. Works great. 7. HS 66A Hailea Chiller 1/4HP. 4.5 years old. Works fine with no issues. $180. 8. Coral fragments chips good for sump tank. $20 for all 9. Old test kits. Some still have a lot unused. Take all for $30. Collect or view at 436606. See my other post for fishes still available Buy more for a better bundle price! WhatsApp me for fast response. 9139812five.
  12. Still available. Salt is kept is prestige condition. No worries.
  13. 1. Yellow tang $399 2. Juvenile dragon wrasse $10 3. Red Sea cucumber $15. Great for eating detritus and helping to keep clean sand bed. Easy care. IMG_9284.MOV IMG_9283.MOV
  14. Reduce price for live rocks. $200 for all. Sand free with rock purchase.
  15. Decommissioning tank. Price from $10 to $50 per piece depending on size. Take all for $300. Coralline encrusted. disease free and pest free. Can come to select. No obligations. Live sand $30 for all. Free with life rock bundle. collect at 436606. WhatsApp 9139812five.
  16. This is the list of fishes that are still available. 1. Yellow Tang 2. Juvenile dragon wrasse 3. bicolor blenny The rest have been sold. Thanks for looking!
  17. 1. Huge leather coral for sale. Comes with the big live rock that it is encrusted to. very hardy and has survived and grown even in my current Fowlr setup. $35. 7-8”. Bring a big pail. 2. Green brain coral - very hardy and encrusted on live rock. $35. 3.5”. Needs strong lighting. collect at 436606. WhatsApp 9139812five.
  18. Follow already sold. rest still available. 1. koran 2. Bicolor angel 3 powder brown tang 4 blue tang 5 saddleback butterfly 6 bicolor blenny
  19. Decommissioning my mature 5 year old, 3 foot reef tank. Disease and Ich free as I have not added any new livestock for last 2 years. No copper used and I still have some coral growing inside. All fishes are stable, super healthy and trained to eat pellet, mysis etc. yellow tang $450. Medium size. almost 4”. Kept 4 years. perfect specimen. Blue regal Tang $70 4”. Kept 4 years. Powder brown tang $70 4-4.5”. Kept 2 years. Absolutely Ich free. False double saddleback butterfly chaetodon falcula $30 3.5” Common clown x2 $10 for both. Bicolor Angel $15 2.5” Juvenile Koran Angel $25 2.5” Juvenile Dragon wrasse $25 3.5” Bicolor blenny $15 3.5”. Mature tank needed. Eats only brown algae. Sea cucumber burnt hotdog Large $40. 7-10” Mature tank needed. Feeds off stuff in my sand bed. Kept 4 years. Will sell tank etc after fishes are sold. Collect at 436606. WhatsApp at 9139812Five. Thanks for viewing. IMG_8922.MOV IMG_9062.MOV
  20. I have 14.95kg of leftover Aquaforest Reef Salt to sell. A new 22kg bucket retails for $90+. Letting go for $45. self collect at 436606.
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