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  1. WD reserved. Ups for the rest!
  2. Some break offs during Wc, WhatsApp 92971884 if keen. Location 579727. Wysiwyg. Yellow Base, Orange coralites and translucent green polyp Tenuis 4cm+@ $45 mama colony ‘Little Red Ferarri’ 2.5cm multibranched @ $50 ’WD’ Tenuis, ~2inches - $55
  3. As above, lime green face w purple tentacles. Huge polyp size, 4cm+ kindly WhatsApp 92971884 if keen thanks! No less than 6 Heads - $35 Unique pink lash gonio with peach/Turquoise face. Tentacles are long, Blue/Black. $60/Frag
  4. As above, kindly WhatsApp 92971884 if keen. Thanks. Location 579727. Wysiwyg. Skittle Bomb Cyphestrea (On 2.5cm Plug) - $35 Intense Red/Pink Multicolour Prata, No Smaller than 5.5inches fully expanded - $400 Cherry Blossom Acro, 3cm+ Multibranched - $35 Badabing, Left (~3.5cm) $25, Right (5cm+) $40
  5. As above, kindly WhatsApp 92971884 if keen. Thanks. Wysiwyg. Blue/Pink Base Bi-Color Red/Gold Polyp Rainbow Mille, ~4.5cm - $60 Pink / Green Base w Red Polyp Acro, ~1inch Multibranched - $20 Yellow Tip, Turquoise Base w Light Pink Polyp Acro Horrida, 2inch+ Multibranched - $40 Golden/Orange & Teal Base Tabling Acro - $35 (Mother Colony Attached for Reference)
  6. As per topic, 5 different types of gonioporas! All for $200. WhatsApp 92971884 if keen thanks
  7. Length of skeleton is approximately 8cm. Lumi Green/Gold Tips with Black Tentacles. Kindly PM me w your contact number if keen. Thanks. WYSIWYG. Priced @ $150.
  8. As per topic, kindly WhatsApp 92971884 with pics of what you’re keen on trading for. Photos are non edited. Viewing can be arranged. Location 579727. Looking for Frankie Bounce and/or any other interesting Shrooms. Any other unique/rare specimens of all sorts are also welcome! Polyp Size is roughly 2cm* Side View Top View Photo of Mama Shroom for reference
  9. As above. Trimmed my oversized colony of Turquoise/Teal SC, aka Acropora Microclados. WhatsApp 92971884 if keen. Location 579727. Priced @ $40. Thanks!
  10. Kindly WhatsApp me w pic/vid & pricing thanks! 92971884. Single or Pair also boleh! At least 4cm in size, not too tiny pls
  11. fully extended roughly 4.5cm. On 2.5cm frag plug. Priced @ $60. Whatsapp 92971884 if keen thanks. Location 579727.
  12. WhatsApp 92971884 if keen, location 579727. All frags have been sitting for minimum period of 30days +/- 1cm+ RBM - $90 A very very THICK ~4.5cm Stem, machiam thumb thickness, starting to branch out - $280 Banana Lokani 2.5cm+ minimum 6 twigs - $45
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