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  1. As above. Trimmed my oversized colony of Turquoise/Teal SC, aka Acropora Microclados. WhatsApp 92971884 if keen. Location 579727. Priced @ $40. Thanks!
  2. Kindly WhatsApp me w pic/vid & pricing thanks! 92971884. Single or Pair also boleh! At least 4cm in size, not too tiny pls
  3. fully extended roughly 4.5cm. On 2.5cm frag plug. Priced @ $60. Whatsapp 92971884 if keen thanks. Location 579727.
  4. WhatsApp 92971884 if keen, location 579727. All frags have been sitting for minimum period of 30days +/- 1cm+ RBM - $90 A very very THICK ~4.5cm Stem, machiam thumb thickness, starting to branch out - $280 Banana Lokani 2.5cm+ minimum 6 twigs - $45
  5. As above. Bundle of 4 different types @ $100 only! Alternatively, green ones @ $30 each, pink & turquoise and purple w lavender faced ones @ $40 each! Frags are minimum 4cm fully extended. kindly WhatsApp 92971884 if keen thanks!
  6. As per topic, Skeleton length is 10cm+ Priced @ $150. Wysiwyg. WhatsApp 92971884 if keen. Location 579727. Thanks!
  7. another 2 shrooms avail for trade! Pyromaniac Rhodactis and magic carpet bounce Shroom!
  8. Have a couple more uncommon shrooms for trade/sale!
  9. Kindly WhatsApp 92971884 if keen. Location 579727. Lashes are Yellow as yellow can be, not lumi green/lime green. Tentacles are cotton candy pink. Mother colony pic attached. $80/Frag.
  10. Lumi Green Hammer Reserved. also adding blue tip black/purple tentacles wall Octo for sale. Skeleton 10cm+,
  11. Have a couple hammer colonies to clear. WYSIWYG. Kindly WhatsApp 92971884 if keen. Thanks. Black Tentacles Ultra Lumi Green (Almost Yellow) Wall Hammer Colony, ~ 7x10cm+ Fully Extended - $120 Palm Size Fully Extended Golden Wall Hammer, Nice rounded Shape - $180
  12. trades lined up! Have a couple polyps left available! Adding 2 more shrooms for trade/sale. Ultra Citrus Rhodactis ~1.5cm Turquoise Vesicles Skirting Teal Persian Rug ~2cm
  13. As per topic, polyp size is minimum 1.5inches. Purplish Blue with some hints of neon green and pink. Huge huge vesicles! Tried my best to show the colors. Kindly WhatsApp 92971884 w pics of what u have for trade. Thanks. Also selling if anyone is keen.
  14. As per topic, skeleton size is roughly 10cm. Fully extended +5cm thereabouts. Wall Octo, Blue tips with Black/Purple Tentacles! Priced @ $150. Kindly WhatsApp 92971884 if keen. Location 579727.
  15. Hi all, Have some frags of uncommon colours of Gonios available! The photos are taken w the best of my ability so kindly refer to the description. ALL the Gonios are long tentacles! WhatsApp 92971884 if keen. Location 579727. Thanks! Yellow (NOT Lime Green) lash, cotton candy pink tentacles, on 2.5cm plug - $90 (mother colony pic attached) Yellow Eyed Olive Green Tentacles , mini colony size (skeleton size 3cm ball) - $60 Alien Eye Gonio (Yellow Eye, Deep Blue Tentacles) 2x2cm skeleton - $60
  16. Hi all, as per topic, one of a kind unique jawbreaker frag for sale. It has all the colors as shown in the photo attached of the mother Shroom. Bright Orange Base colour. Keen parties are welcome to view the shroom in person before purchasing to ensure the attached photos are an accurate representation of its color. ***Pics are edited to show as close as possible to what it looks like in actuality Kindly WhatsApp me @ 92971884 if keen. Thanks for viewing! Frag size is 1.5cm +/- , asking $500.
  17. As above, Oz Acan frags available. Wysiwyg. WhatsApp 92971884 if keen. Location 579727. WYSIWYG. Frag A - $35, Frag B - $40.
  18. Current bundle Reserved, have loose frags of the bottom right one available tho, pm if keen
  19. Acan Bundle, 2 x rainbow grade + 2 x Ultra Grade. All 4 @ $120 only! Wysiwyg Kindly WhatsApp 92971884 if keen, location 579727. Thanks!
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