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  1. Sorry. Have to pull the last zoas out from sale due to currently not doing well. Letting it heal for the moment.
  2. $10 each. Collection at CCK.
  3. Hi. Selling the following at $25. Collect at CCK. PM if interested.
  4. Nice write up. However, why do you decide to run two separate return and not one using one with a T to split the return line?
  5. Hey. Thank you all. But what's the difference between all the brands? Or is more like preference?
  6. From my POV, the 1/4 will last you for your next upgrade. Not sure in terms of reliability wise.
  7. Nice. Where do you get wood for the cabinet though?
  8. One frag of unknown zoas(looks like red horizon). $10. Collect at CCK.
  9. Hi. Got so many rocks, which is better or all the same?
  10. that is interesting. but wouldn't it trap detritus moving forward?
  11. Hi. Selling this leopard discosoma for $20. A few heads. Collect at CCK.
  12. what is that black color foam like underneath the rock?
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