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  1. Hi. Got pulsing xenia for sale. Few stalks. $10. Collection at CCK.
  2. Hi Selling the above. HMS Rail is 41" (cut from 48"). Selling both for $120. RRP $270. Deal at CCK. Delivery $10. Thank you.
  3. Thank you @Copperband Reserved.
  4. Hi, Selling Shallow tank only, 36" x 18" x 12". Side bean animal overflow (peninsula style tank). Custom made by CRA. Approximately 2 years old. No leak. $100. Deal at CCK. Thank you.
  5. Hi. Selling Reef Octopus INT-110S skimmer. $70. Deal at CCK. Delivery $10. Thank you.
  6. haha. not for sale boss, yet..hehe
  7. Hi. Selling the Birdnest and Forest Fire SPS for $5 each. Collection at CCK. Thank you.
  8. Hi, Selling rainbow infusion zoas. 11 polyps. $25. Deal at CCK. Thank you.
  9. Hi. Selling Hardcore Reefer Petite frag tray (Orange). $30 Collection at CCK. Thank you
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