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  1. Thanks sis! Another taobao build coming up. LOL kiddin.
  2. Wow! Do you mind sharing a link for tank? Didn't know people would taobao over fish tanks. Hard to find when you're not well versed in mandarin haha
  3. Anyone reason why you chose the AI fuge instead of the kessil h380?
  4. about palm size when opened $12 at clementi
  5. looking for wire corals. Do pm me if you're selling. Thanks!
  6. Is the chiller sufficient for a 4 by 2.5 tank? How long does it take to cool 1 degree?
  7. Looking for caulerpa lentillifera, prolifera, green grapes etc. EXCEPT chaeto. Or just let me know which type of macroalgae you have. Contact: 90674974 Gracias
  8. Hi CKS, I'm planning to do an IOS tank dedicated to macro-algae as well. Hope you can answer some questions of mine. 1.What are the dimensions of your DT? 2.Do you think a skimmer is necessary for a macro-algae tank? 3.Are you currently using any po4 remover like rowaphos etc? Or any other tips someone who would like to start up a macro-algae tank. Haha Thanks in advance!
  9. Forgot to add. Also have madpetz's alkalinity mix. 90% left. -$12
  10. All used items. Eheim compact 1000- $30 Seachem kalkwasser left 70% - $10 Reef roids left 70% - $15 Skimz hose holder - $10 Carib sea purple up left 70% - $10 Have some dead rocks that has been through bleach and soaked in rodi. Ready to go. Have big and small. Used for 3 ft tank. Contact for pictures. madpetz rodi 5 stage. condition 10/10. Only used for 3 water changes. - $250 Collection 120304 Contact 90674974
  11. Hi CKS, I understand that you have a seahorse in your tank. So it's possible to keep seahorse without a chiller considering that your tank can go up to 31 degrees?. Mind sharing the species of your seahorse?
  12. Selling 5 stage RODI unit. Bought from MadPetz. Barely used. Used < 5times. Letting go for $250.
  13. Selling 5 stage RODI unit. Barely used. Used < 5times. Letting go for $250.
  14. Eheim 1000l pump. As good as new. Never used. $20 Af stone fix(more than half) $8 Phytoplankton(approx half) $5 Pro bio digest (22 capsules left) $20 Hanna tds meter(honestly, idk how to use. Never use before) $30 Reef roids 60g(60% left) $15 Chemiclean(only used once) $15 Plug in timer $5 Skimz hose holder $5 Caribsea purple up (about 50% left) $5 Fish isolation ($3) MEET UP AT 120304 contact me at 90674974
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