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  1. Change of plan, still got 2 big pieces left.
  2. Selling GSP . About 1 hand size. $10. Please PM, FCFCS
  3. Selling GSP . About 1 hand size. $10.
  4. Just to clarify, it's a ph meter, not ph controller.
  5. Selling this spare PH meter. Got it to double check my American pinpoint meter. I still have the prove but not sure how to package it. Selling for $70. Meet up at clementi.
  6. Do you leave your carbon in the sump for a month or take it out after 3-4 days?
  7. Naso tang sold! Mods please close. Thanks
  8. Letting go to reduce bioload. From Hawaii. Letting go for $60
  9. Kindly pm me with pictures. Thank you
  10. Kindly pm me with pictures. Thank you
  11. Wavemakers sold. Flame angel back up for sale.
  12. As above. Flame angel about 3-3.5inches. $60 Jebao sw8 x2 for $60 as well. Wm is dirty and is China plug without the 3m tape, hence cheap price.
  13. hello, any good reviews for the algae reactor?
  14. Hammer sold. Left SW 8 Wavemaker. Price adjustment to $100 for both.
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