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  1. Thanks for the feedback and the links. I didnt send a control sample for the fresh salt mix, never thought of that! But 32 ppm AL seems quite high in any case compared to 0.5 recommended It does make sense if its a harmless compund of Al present in the water and the ICP test just counts the elemental atoms only and that gives a wrong impression that the actual Al in its.raw.form is present in the water. But i am going to be safe.than sorry and see.if i get a good.replacement for the MP block, do a test.in a couple of months and see if the AL count is down Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobi
  2. My first ICP test showed what i think is very high Aluminim levels The corals seem to be doing fine but there is something thats cobtributing to the high Al. I use a 5 stage rodi with 0 tps so cant be the water. I also use GFO so no leachinf of Al feom there. I am thinking the culprit is the Marine pure block which i read can leach aluminium. Checking if anyone has run intonthe same issue and what are good alternatives I really need good bacteria housing media since i dont have a refugium or an ATS Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  3. Forgot to mention.. the pic is before cleaning the tank .. so the tank is at its very worst. Considering that i am happy the algae is under control and the corals are showing decent color and growth Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. I had started this query back in Feb, when i had a nitrate spike and then an algae bloom. Lost track but thanks to the advice of the reefers have a stable tank now Documenting nutrient control for reference Reefer 350 sps dominant now 1. Red seas NoPox daily arround 5 ml 2. Siporax 5 ltrs and a block of Marine pure 3. Dosing daily 30 ml all for reef 4. Bio actif tropic marine salt water changes every week arround 7 percent tank volume 5. Activated carbon and phosphte minus in a reactor change wvery 3 weeks 6. 2 drops of polylab plus everyday 7. 2 drops of Acroglow from KZ 8. And the one thin
  5. My tank was getting overrun by aiptesia , frankly the chemical treatments are hard if you have more than 5 or 6 aiptesia, you are sure to miss a few A copper band butterfly worked wonders and no sign of aiptesia. It feeds like a pig on certain foods - PE Mysis and EASYreef massticks easyreef massticks seemed to be discontinued in singapore for some time and cant order it over amazon, but I managed to order it online via some other providers. Now have a happy butterfly and no aiptesia Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. Sincere thanks to everyone who pitched in with all the great advice. I really appreciate it. Running GFO and NoPox have brought down the phosphates to 0.04 on the RedSea test kit and nitrates to 5 to 10ppm on API. I am also running the Nitraguard titanium but too early to see results yet. I dIdnt manage to get the Salifert test kits since didnt see it in stock 2 of my close by LFS. But since API test was showing 80 earlier i am happy!! On a different note, i switched from Aquaforest salt to Tropic Marin Pro-reef, no real reason other than i just wanted to use their All-for-reef as a
  7. Thank you Rob, Yakh0o I am going progressively try the suggestions and update here. I forgot to mention - i am having arround 3 ltrs of siporax and a marine pure block, which I thought was more than enough for the bacteria to control the nitrates but like you said, mostly the extra sources of nitrogen is the culprit. I was actually looking at a cheato reactor (skimz / tunze) and not an ATS because i didnt see any in the online and local LFS. Any idea where i can get a decent ATS ? Any LFS sells the Santa Monica ones ?
  8. Hello you guys I wanted to see what I may be doing wrong here. 350 ltr tank (RSR) which was doing OK once upon a time,. Had a tank crash (corals RTNing all over) Due to work/life neglect and breakdown of some equipment for a few months. When i checked the nitrates / phosphates after a long time nitrates were at 80 and Ph = 0.5. So obviously there was trouble. Back into full save-the-tank mode, i did the following : 1. Red Sea NoPox treatment of 10ml per day for arround a few weeks 2. 20% water changes every week for 3 weeks 3. Reduced my PE mysis from 2 feeding
  9. Nope no tank thread yet. Had a rough patch due to work where the tank maintenance was zero and the nitrates and phosphates shot up to 50+ and 0.5+... i am waiting for nopox and gfo to bring it down with large water changes now. Till then will watch your and others journey here !! Hows the tank doing now Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  10. The Nyos Torq does look good and seems ideal for the red sea sump. Am tempted now, thanks for the info Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  11. I second this, copperbanded butterfly are awesome in killing aptesia. Mine cleared aptesia outbreak in 2 weeks and there is no more of that ever since. After that, its quickly taken to PE mysis. It fed well on Easyreef Massticks too but for some reason that product is mo longer available in SG. . Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  12. Looking forward to this build from fellow RSR too. All the best !!! It's great that the new builds have a fuge, though imagine it should be not that big, so you will end with 1 skimmer and no space for any additional reactor in the main sump area? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  13. Can I check with you : where do you put cheato in the red sea sump? As you said, it's a very tight sump to put maybe max 1 skimmer and 1 reactor tops. So interested to see your design ( struggling with high nitrates in a reefer 350 here ) Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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