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  1. Anyone one selling? Looking for derasa clams. Pm me
  2. Selling $200. 10 kinds of zoas. Collection at cck.
  3. Selling branch 5-6 heads @ $80. Collection at cck Not the common frogspawn, abit tri color. I grow it from single head.
  4. Clearing some of the dry rocks. Collection at cck. Big size can set up as base. There is some smaller i never post. If take more i will pass you some $40 almost a pail size. Heavy. 30 half pail size. Heavy flat giant size selling 50. Heavy also Selling 20 selling 20 also
  5. Selling few pieces as i tirm my big ones to smaller. Collection at cck. Smaller piece 20 $50 $30 Can't capture the color. Mother colony
  6. Selling at 50 collection at cck.
  7. Selling some zoas. Collection at cck yew tee. Selling $30. Yoda Selling 40. Ironman Selling $30 mandarin orange Selling $30 bam bam
  8. Collection at cck. Per head is 50. There is 5 frags. Single , 2, 3 or 4. Cannot capture the true color, those been to my hse should know how the color is. Pm me
  9. Collection at cck. yellow carina $50 Royal blue milli $100 yellow yellow30
  10. Selling Hellfire torch. This is what shop told me my species is. Selling per head $70. Collection at cck. 1 head there is 2 frag 2 head there is 2 frag 3 head there is 1 frag 4head above can pm me and can prepare by next week. I got more than 100 heads. This guy is a fasr grower. Can't capture the true colors.... my hp 91017010
  11. Collection at where? Interested the bali slimer
  12. Luminous yellow green. Rare Selling for $60. Collection at cck. Hp91017010
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