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  1. Int in oompa loompa frag. Can PM me? Cos cannot send u PM.
  2. Hi. Anybody encounter this bef? I google for video and seems like my gsp are spawning!!! Qns Will it start to spread everywhere from this spawning? I already had a huge rock full of it and on the back of my glass. Pls advise thanks.
  3. WTS/WTT Item A $30 John Deere Lep Item B $25 Watermelon Zoa Item C $20 Gatorade Zoa Item D $15 & E $10 GSP Deal at CCK. Pm if interested.
  4. Have the following for Sale Item A Gatorade Zoa $25 Item B Gatorade Zoa $20 Item C Mixture of Watermelon n Tutti Frutti Zoa $40 Item D Watermelon Zoa $30 Item E GSP $15 Location to deal CCK PM if interested. Thanks for viewing
  5. Suggest u remove the pulsing xenia and gsp fm the main rock structure. If not in no time they will overtake your main rock structure. Unless u planned for it this way.
  6. Looking for the above HOB Skimmer. If u had one for sale do pm me. Thanks.
  7. Nice tank Observed u had 4 Clownfishesssss...... How did u do it? They won't fight?????
  8. Hi. Am looking for IM20 tank without stand. Pm me e age n price of ur IM20 tank if u are selling. Thanks.
  9. Hi. Am looking for AI Prime. Pm me e age n price of ur AI Prime if selling. Thanks.
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