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  1. Mother colony of the metallic gsp. Do note that all photos are NOT taken with camera filter lens therefore color don't looks as vibrant.
  2. Clearing some frags as per following. 1 - Red People Eater @ $5/frag Min 3 polyps per frag 2 - Rainbow Infusion @ $10/frag Min 2 polyps per frag 3 - Sakura Sunrise @ $20/frag Min 8 polyps 4 - Sweet Tooth @ $20/frag Min 5 polyps 5 - Metallic Green GSP @ $10/frag
  3. Thanks for the compliment. But my Nick is DigBick thou. I agree diff point of view.
  4. True. There are opportunist seller who buy and quoted RRP to sell high. But I doubt TS is one of them. Have you ever gotten anything from him? If you did. You will know TS sell frags at a just to clear attitude. So he isn't anyone near those mentioned opportunist.
  5. Willing buyer willing seller market leh. If this is on a normal frag plug yes. You can say it's rip off. Tell me about the size lfs sell.
  6. Dinos is not exactly an algae. Blackout doesn't remove it from system. Consider dino x from fauna marin. Follow the max 15 dosage to be safe.
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