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  1. Hi is the chiller still available? Thanks!

    1. Zhi Long Oh

      Zhi Long Oh

      Reserved for viewing tonight

  2. Hi a newbie question, what is a ATS? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi I keep Aro, 1 Red about 19-20", a few kkp, 1 14" Fork Bar IT in my 6 ft tank. Another 2 18-19" XB and IT and Black Wolf in my 4ft FGT and another smaller Red Aro 9-10", about 10-12 smaller 3 bar IT, 1 small pure BD and 2 BD Hybrid, a few ATF...Both 5ft and 6ft tank have 13-14" Feifong....3ft tank have close to 15 pelco, various L number and a moonlight catfish.....the other 3ft is housing a shortbody Kong Ming and sucker fish, this is my grow out tank or hospital tank (spare tank). Thinking of clearing some of my stock and fist tank to make way for this upcoming Marine project.....still learning and reading up on Marine now.....most likely will prefer to head towards a new 3ft or 4ft tank with sump after hearing so much from all kind Shifu here and after reading up more on the internet......hiaz....this is really poisonous even worse than FW aquarium! Hopefully I can start off my project soon but first need to lelong my FW stock and tank away first....hahaha, if not CO will sure be very very very..........hiaz....
  4. Any Bro here can assist to make this DIY overflow for me? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for kind inputs and idea....I will probably want to start off right....being with FW tank for years with monster fish....know the importance of good filtration and learning more on the SW addition of phosphate and calcium.....I do have quite a few bit of Marine pure media that I can transfer from my FW tank to SW.....however not sure if I need to pre-treat these media or I can simply put them into the SW tank? Thanks in advance.
  6. Yes, I visited it last week to find out more information.....haha Pardon for late reply
  7. Hi All Expert, I have been in FW keeping for many years and now would like to explore the possibility of converting one of my 3 ft FW tank to marine. It is a solid 8mm thick all round tank with full euro-bracing tank. Hence the idea of getting hang on overflow box is out. How can I achieve the filtration if I do not want to create a sump? How and what type of Skimmer should I get and what about the filtration? What lighting and how many wavemaker? Do I need a chiller as I plan to place this tank in my living room which is not air-con, normal room temperature. I would love to have corals and some fishes in this setup plus cleaning crew such as snail, hermit crab and shrimp as well. Any advise will be much appreciated. I have look around for those all-in-one marine tank setup such as the innovative nuvo 20 marine tank but think I am better off setting up my 3 ft tank.....Thanks in advance.
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