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  1. 1. Used 3' T5 set with - $40 Elbiru eBallast DD 1x blue and 1 x white T5 tube Waterproof end cap * FOC 1 x AquaZ Ocean Pro & unbranded T5 with the above purchase 2. New Elbiru eBallast - $12 3. New AquaZ T5 Ocean Pro - $9 4. New AquaZ T5 Blue Pro - $9 All price is open to offer.
  2. CF also nothing much to update. Those interested in Serranocirrhitus latus, pls head there. Counted 6 of them L size. Hawaii shipment still in QT.
  3. Sorry to hear that. So how are you Zoas now?
  4. Thanks for the encouragment.
  5. Bro, You damn steady le. Evey week without fail. So you got any update bo?
  6. Neat design. Who's you tank maker?
  7. Yap, this fella is lumi. green in colour when my blue led is on.
  8. For everyone viewing pleasure.
  9. ML and CF do get them in from time to time.
  10. WOW!!!!! Bro, You are back. Roger on the advise. Anyway, I FW dip the few affected ones yesterday and guess what I see that the nudi is lumi. green in colour. Nice but deadly.
  11. Thanks. I have a fairy wrasse in the tank but he just eats pellets and food off my hand. He's rather interested in my shrimps too but lucky they got good hidding place thus I afraid if I add more wrasse all my shrimps will be goner.
  12. Nope, slowly down as I'm still waiting to get my hands on the Red Sea Regal Angel.
  13. Got my precious shrimps leh. Get wrasse will get they eaten up too.
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