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  1. Do let me know if you are selling your lights. Please also send me a pic of your lights and offer. Thank you!
  2. RoyNeo

    WTG: Seahare

    Seahare picked up by her new owner. Thanks everyone. Thread closed.
  3. RoyNeo

    WTG: Seahare

    Hi, Sorry, it has been reserved by vakeros through pm. Thanks for the interest.
  4. RoyNeo

    WTG: Seahare

    Bought a seahare to settle algae problem. Since she has done her job for last 2 months. Time to give her away to a tank with more algae for her. Priority will be given to those that can pick her up asap. Location at Punggol.
  5. Agree with Sherman's advices. I have water purifier too, but if you use a TDS meter, you will see it is not zero as minerals are added for our health benefit. Therefore, safest to buy from fish farm or get your own RO/DI unit from carousell.
  6. GSP can go days without opening...when I bought mine, it opened only 3days later. Just make sure you still see the purple part of it, and you will know it is still alive, lol
  7. I am using Red Sea nopox, it is very effective but you should not rush it, you will do better if you lower the nitrates gradually...fish or coral wont die due to high nitrates overnight but they will if you lower it too quickly and sending them into shock.
  8. Hi, looking to purchase bubble coral. Do pm me at 96679018 with pic and price. Thanks!
  9. As mentioned, looking to buy colourful and healthy ricordea florida. Message me at 96679018 with pic and price as well as location of pick up too. Thanks!
  10. Looking for AL prime hd for my coral quarantine tank. Do PM me if you have, thank you!
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