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  1. Item 1 lowest price u can go

  2. Can come only on weekends if it is ok with you. Let me know
  3. Hi, Anyone giving out? Just need a little bit
  4. Anyone harvesting chaeto? Please let me know
  5. Anyone staying in south side if got trim caulerpa and chaeto, please PM me.
  6. Or any controller that can control Hydra 52
  7. Sorry. I meant WP. Mine drop to the back of the tank and there is not way I could get it out. If anyone is throwing their faulty unit please give me the dry side
  8. Hi, Anyone got Jebao MP 40 dry side to give? The magnet that holds the wet side. Please pm me
  9. Hi Everyone, Is it a must to have 0 TDS reading if want to start a FOWLR?
  10. Red scooter, usual clowns, Emperor, Blue face, Coral Beauty, Blue Tangs, etc I cannot remember liao
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