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  1. Just found that there are some scratches on the tank therefore going to reduce the price to $100. The skimmer is from skimz
  2. Selling the above for $120. Please PM me. Collection @ Kim Tian
  3. Hi, I have a black one with Skimz skimmer. Are you interested?
  4. Is it true that the Director needs Internet connection constantly? Light setting will not work if there is no Internet connection. Is this true?
  5. lights not set and royal gramma is the king of the tank at the moment. readings are all zero. maybe will meddle with the director tomorrow
  6. Hi, Still busy unpacking my stuff at new house and got no time for the tank at the moment. I have no experience with this type of rocks too. I just added some bacteria and keep the tank running for 2 weeks now without any lights. Will be going to my old house to transfer my Royal Gramma to the new tank. Cross my fingers that it can tahan. Anyone got a small live rock for me to seed my new tank? Don't want to use my existing live rocks because got some aiptasia. Btw Aquarium Artist has posted my tank in his thread. The last few is mine. I welcome any comments.
  7. Finally done the Rock scape. Back breaking just carrying and placing it in the tank. Should I go with a bare tank or a thin layer?
  8. I would love too. But the setup is really at a snail pace. Think he is really busy and I hope he can finish it soon
  9. Anyone using Hydra 52 can share their light settings?
  10. Hi, Finally yeah. Looking to get more frags from you.
  11. Some updates. I have bought an RO/DI but did not know that the waste water is in a ratio of 1:4. Therefore to fill my 100 Gallon tank I am going to loose 400 Gallon. Any good suggestion for me to save water? Vincent has suggested to top up the tank with tap water then run a DI to filter the water till the TDS reads 0. Is this good?
  12. Yes. There will be another small cupboard to fill up the gap on the left.
  13. Manage to get it after reading error 500 topics. The 8Mb upload size is very misleading. Mine was about 2Mb and I had to reduce to 100Kb then it worked
  14. I am using HP camera. Tried saving the image again but still cannot.
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