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  1. Got pink and yellow BN from her. Does BN require strong light and flow? I have read about BN and also advise from Belle that flow and lighting should not be too strong. I am running a Razor Nano and MP10. If needed, I can turn them up. I do 15% WC twice a week. So far the parameters seems to be ok except KH about 300++ region. Trying to bring it up slowly
  2. Hi, Thank you for the suggestion Honkit. I will heed your advise and keep it in my mind. I am trying to source for a coral food that does not spike the nutrient level as I am keeping SPS in a NANO tank. I am still trying to figure out the most ideal configuration to accomodate SPS and hopefully I am successful as many has advise me to stay away from SPS because of tank size.
  3. Nice clams you have there. Though the lights are blue but the patterns are quite beautiful
  4. Hi, Just started on SPS. Thank you Belle for the frags. I wonder what type of coral food that would not cause nutrients to spike. Is oyster egg a good choice? I am dosing abit of Marine snow but not sure if this is the right food for it. Any buddies care to share?
  5. Hi everyone, 1 set of the light is available to trading again. Looking for Golden cloves or some nice zoa or LPS frag. Please pm me
  6. Hi, I think it depends on what you want to keep. I am using a Skimz 20 as well and I run a the smallest chiller from Hailea on it. If you are planning to keep corals then I suggest getting the smallest chiller like mine. I have tried Ice probe and fan before but it did not really work for me. The coral growth and color is different when you run a chiller.
  7. hmm.. thank you pointing it out. Cheers
  8. My mistake. I thinks its 20 litres instead of gallons Just bought some zoas, pulsating xenia and added the MP10ES. Will try to take some photos if the Zoas are open.
  9. Thank you I still have some red mushrooms from my old tank. Anyone interested to trade? Its the same as the one u see in the post
  10. Hi, Selling for 35 bucks or willing to trade for nice zoa frags. More than a year but working fine. Changing because cannot fit into the Skimz Nano tank. Please PM if you are interested.
  11. Added green mushroom from ML and a nano Tunze osmolator from Madpetz
  12. Thank you for the kind comment. Will try to fill up with corals. I might have some red mushroom to trade.
  13. Thank you. Have them for many years now. Got them from ML and both have laid eggs many times but all unsuccessful because I did not remove them from the tank.
  14. L305mm x D355mm x H320mm I am using a Skimz Nano skimmer as well As the name suggested, its a 20 gallon
  15. Thank you. Hope to keep SPS if I can.
  16. CNY till now. Just added them last Sunday. N02, N03 and P04 are 0 before I added them in.
  17. Have problem rotating the photo. Once I edit it I cannot upload and I have no idea why. I will change tonight. Equipment TLF (Bio Pellet) Chiller 70W MH Skim 20 tank Vortech MP10 (not installed) Livestock Pair of clowns Royal Gramma Blue Neon Cleaner shrimp Corals Red Mushroom from my old tank
  18. Hi everyone, This is my new Skimz 20 tank that I am currently setting up. Any comments are welcome.
  19. Alot of fishes at Henry's. He was still unpacking them when i was there. Wait for his post
  20. Hi everyone, Know that it is still couple of months before the event. Wondering if SRC will be organizing any outing for this event? I am interested to visit this event with fellow reefers.
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