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  1. Selling the LED light Freshwater, can be used for mangrove refugium.L setup. Selling at $150. Deal in Fernvale/Greenwich area.
  2. 9 packets unopened x JBL symec filter wool(250gsm). Will throw in addition pack that is less than 20% used. selling at $45. Deal at Fernvale/Greenwich.
  3. Good and reliable pump for sale, especially if you are running ozoniser. selling at $80/- Trans Instrument PH pen, selling at $35/- Deal at Fernvale/Greenwich area.
  4. Selling Ehiem pump. Used only for couple of time -Less than 10 times. selling at $170. Deal at Fernvale/Greenwich area.
  5. Tunze Osmolator 3152 Nano selling at $60. In good working condition, used in freshwater setup. Deal at Fernvale/Greenwich
  6. Underused Vectra L1 for sale. Used it for my IOS freshwater set up. Power up to max 50%. Barely 1 year old. In very good working condition. Selling at $350. Deal at Fernvale/Greenwich area.
  7. Underused AI Nero 5 wavemaker for sale. Power up to about Max 30%for my freshwater set up. In good working condition. Letting go for $170. deal at Fernvale/Greenwich area.
  8. Selling 2 bottles of 3 litres aluminium CO2 tank with Instence solenoid. Collection at Fernvale/Greenwich area. both at $70.
  9. The colours reminds me of Zeovit tanks.
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