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  1. Selling below, collection s210052


    1) Multicolour Long Tentacles GSP growing on wall, 10cm x 10cm body, if open up be bigger and bushy $60


    2) Multicolour Long Tentacles GSP on rock. 10cm x 6cm x 4cm(h) body, if open up be bigger and bushy $40



  2. Im upgrading to 3ft tank with sump in 2months time. 

    Nothing better to do.

    Now small tank running canister and small surface protein skimmer for the small tank.

    Wanted remove the surface skimmer and add a ious to the canister..

    Using pvc board.



  3. nothing to do, bought some water proof magnet, super strong can kiap some small kid hand and cry type.
    to replace the bulky fat suction cup

    the magnet is coated with extra durable water proof epoxy coating. 
    glue directly to the frag holder. the magnet super strong, prevent it snap to the glass and crack the glass with strong impact, also sticked a very stick cushion at the external magnet.



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