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  1. Any reefer here with experience in crabs and anemone. Is this normal? If not, who is messing with who. LOL
  2. Keep for 3 weeks at specialized for quarantine in copper tank and with me for about 3-4 weeks. Please don’t ask for discount. Contact only if buying. Thanks.
  3. Feeding on Nori and pellets. Very healthy and eats like a pig. About 8-9cm. Very active too. Have to sell as it terrorizes my beloved fish. Please bring own pail and collect at around Sin Ming area. Price is firm. Contact only if buying. $70. Firm.
  4. If budget allows. And eventually u want to keep more demanding sps, the Radions are a good chioce. Having used both. I prefer the intensity of the Radions. But some prefer the hydras. Interface for hydras are much better with built in WiFi. U need a laptop for Radions unless u buy a reef link.
  5. For a start yes, place the lights higher but may be unsightly and glaring to ur eyes. U will also have lots of “blind spots” and the spread is just not there. The good thing about hydra is the diffuser is inbuilt. Whereas for Radions, u need to purchase them.
  6. 3 x 26 will give u a much better spread compared to 2 x 52. The common issue is the brace bar or overflow in the middle. Most people use a hanging kit or rail to overcome this.
  7. Got this porcelain anemone crab at 60% of cos it has one missing leg and claw. After 2 weeks it’s molted and grew back it’s claw.
  8. It’s been quite a few months since I update this thread. Quick summary : Rescape was done and there was a mini crash after I switch additives. Lost a few fishes to ick due to aggression by my yellow tang. Things are back to normal and I have sold the tang away. The yellow tang and clarkii clown survived though they were covered with ick and even had cloudy eyes. Miraculously, they survived! Bought a kole tang, thought they are more mild. I was wrong. It hit on the flame hawk the moment the flame hawk hit the tang. And this time the kole tang is Too fast to catch and the trap didn’t work.
  9. This is a pretty old thread. There wasn’t any response. Lol. After which I bought a Coral Box from fishstreet (online store in HK). Calibrated and tested. Not bad at all for the price. The unit is also WiFi enabled and can be controlled from ur phone. Bought it as I was away for 2 weeks. In the end didn’t use as I use MTO (maid top up). Didn’t sell as too many lowballers (as usual). Now left in store to rot. For pictures. U can check out jeebusai 250 thread. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Found. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Jeebusai

    Wtg- chaeto

    Keep for me sis. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Anyone giving away some? Kindly Pm. Thanks!
  13. One sold 4 x $25 each 2 x $30 each Remaining. Buy 2 pieces for slight discount.
  14. Set of 6. Only used a little for Pro Bio S. Mostly brand new and unused. Stored in fridge. Expiry date shown. Only selling as a set and no individual sales. $50 nett.
  15. Up for a slow but good and steady start bro! Are those Aquaroche rocks?
  16. $25-30 depending on size. Frags have been around for 2 months and stable. Stay near Sin Ming. Contact only if buying. Thanks.
  17. Very well said. I had my share of painful experiences for both fishes and corals. There aren’t that many Cheap, Fresh and Big Nxxx in the market.
  18. Only used 2x after cycling. Expiry 12/19. $12. Collection at Marymount or Raffles Place.
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