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  1. Hi, can check if you guys still selling aquaroche rocks? Can pm me the price for a 3 x 2 x 2. Prefer to have good height but less cramped. Thanks
  2. Much cheaper to buy a RODI, heard some 3 stages are as good or better than 4. Really depends on the resin and filter. Not very eco friendly leh!
  3. Think just change the carbon filter bro. Just now I did a WC too. The water in my Jerry can is 48 although the filtered water in clean container I 001. Lol
  4. Didn’t expect gonios to be so popular.....my inbox is flooded. Currently working, will try to take pics when home and send to the person who PMed first (in sequence). Many apologies if I didnt reply in time. Thanks!
  5. Trying to sell as much corals as I can as I’m doing a re-scape soon. Will post more pics over the weekend. Prices of the corals stated are what I have paid for or even lesser. Prices are slightly negotiable bt please do not lowball. Thanks. If keen PM with HP and will provide more pics with prices. Part 1 - Acans Frags Part 2 - Gonio Frags including Red, Green and Galaxy Part 3 - SPS frags
  6. Things are looking good! Do give some feedback on ur ATS!
  7. Sold to a very nice and steady bro! Please close thread! Thanks!
  8. This one. Suspect algae growing as I leave it outside on the balcony. It’s gets a bit of sun. Try to run a bit of water to flush out the muck.
  9. Same as u. The 4 stages. I couldn’t get 0 TDS for the longest time. Changed carbon, resin still high TDS. In the end, the $5 filter solved the issue. Lol. Sometimes I wonder why get the 4 stage when 3 gives 0 TDS too. So heavy and bulky....
  10. 1. Try to use a clean/new container and to store the water for testing. If the container is “dirty” can affect reading too. 2. Sometimes my tds meter also kuku. Rinse and dry gently Let’s narrow down and trace the source slowly. Lol
  11. Thanks! Only worry is casualty. Don’t know how to minimise it.
  12. Thanks for the encouragement. Ur right, I need peace! Been thinking for weeks! LOL
  13. Hi guys, need some inputs. Should I do a rescape or just decomm and reset the tank? Current rock scape is pretty cramped for my liking. Tried My hand at making it a mixed reef. Current rock work is pretty tough with either too much flow or light for certain corals. Since tank is still young, i personally think this is the time to make it right. What are your thoughts. All feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Congrats. Very pretty. My new yellow eye kole not doing so well. Injured and terrorized by my yellow tang. Lost so much weight....
  15. Item collected. Apologies to those who pmed. Please close thread. Thanks.
  16. Thanks for the info. Seems like this camera is the camera of choice for many reefers.
  17. All acans sold. Left with green button scoly. $65.
  18. Some new additions. My gosh tank is running out space...
  19. More than 3 X 2 inches. Many new heads sprouting. Selling to clear space for new corals. Asking $280 but please don’t lowball. Not looking at trades. Thanks!
  20. Orange mushroom sold. Up for the rest.
  21. Very nice tank with nice rock scape! Makes me want to do a re-scape lol.
  22. Very nice pics bro. Do u have u use any additional filters or use the pre programmed settings from the camera.
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