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  1. Hi, I am having issues connecting the APP on my android phone and my LED lights. I can see the lights it connects with my phone, but it wont connect to the wifi and I get an error code 409. I have removed the APP, reinstalled it, deleted the aquarium on the app, etc. but still no luck. Please messaged me and let me know what to do. Thanks, Tory
  2. the one i have is different from what you posted.
  3. You cannot use the bracket as it it is not able to be mounted properly on the light nor the tank.
  4. I asked him if I can return, but he was quite firm and said no.
  5. Yes. He gave me a bracket for some other light. here is the link to the actual photos
  6. I just bought this from this forum, but did not know it did not come with the correct bracket. I was mistaken as the seller posted a photo of a bracket that did not belong to the light. This made me believe it came with a bracket. Item is in excellent condition but needs a bracket. You might have other ways to setting it up. Please message me at 86928308 if you are interested. I do not visit the site often so SMS is preferred. I am asking for $200. Thanks and God bless
  7. Congratulations on the new tank and good luck
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