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  1. Ah very interesting read. Yeah I figured that a stable kh is more important then a particular target to reach as such. At 7.7 I seem to get reasonable sps colours and growth. So might just stick to this. as for fiddler crabs on rock outcropping…was thinking about it but decided not to due to waste ( another life form to take care of). Was thinking of actually planting a single mangrove sapling to it , mainly for aesthetic reasons!
  2. Hey thanks! KH was dropping dramatically around 2-3 months ago. From 8plus initially to 6 plus….had to increase dosing from an initial 50 mls a day to now around 300 mls a day. so now roughly running around 7.7. Am toying with the idea of running at 8.4 but haven’t been convinced whether I should. 7.7 seems acceptable according to a few articles I have read.
  3. For the weekend ! think colours are better after the reactor ! And cyano is receeding further. Hopefully in a few weeks will be entirely gone! One thing in this hobby I need is patience…
  4. Definetly observable differences in diatom/ algae growth with the macro algae reactor now. IMG_1200.MOV
  5. Harvested today after about 3 weeks. Fair amount of growth ! anyone wants pm me. collect From Joo seng road
  6. Can monitor daily with this cheap ip camera!
  7. Hey thanks. That makes sense. Will follow.
  8. How do you guys know when to harvest from the reactor. Ie know when it’s full. looks the algae /diatoms are receeding after 2 weeks with the reactor… somewhat hopeful !
  9. Today’s kh is 7. So managed to bring the kh up with a few days of 50mls a night dosing. Going to up to 100 mls / night and see the kh trend. Hold can maintain 8-9. But I suspect will be finally dosing around >300 mls a day. In that case a 10l bottle will last me about a month.
  10. As what has been mentioned in most online articles, the KH becomes a struggle to maintain over time….looks like I am facing the same problems. Maybe at some stage I would probably have to go with a ca reactor but for now I have decided to increase the dosing of my sodium bicarbonate solution. bought a 10l jerry can and attached it to the last pump on my Jebao doser. hope I can maintain the kh better
  11. Thanks man. I was hoping to create one of the many zen looking minimalist reef tanks that exist on the internet these days…likely inspired by planted tanks. To achieve that, needed crystal glass, no bracing and a certain minimum depth of water. Of course each of these factors come with their own problem and limitations. for eg the depth of my tank means that it’s such a pain for me to place corals on the deeper areas easily. No brAcing means that you have to accept a degree of bowing. crystal glass means …well expensive.
  12. Thanks ! Will do one of these days. But my sump is probably one of the most messiest and unorganised sumps around. Since I had gotten a rather cheap tank / cabinet, couldn’t really customise much like the others in this forum.
  13. Yeah I tried that with the deltec, but finally got limited by the height of the skimmer and the height in the cabinet! it was so high up that I couldn’t remove the skimmer cup easily.
  14. Just installed a chaeto reactor. Hopefully my battle with diatoms can be won with this. took out the ats a few weeks ago and since then having an algae bloom! the ats was just creating too much salt spray. having said that the ats was very effective. Despite not having skimming in the tank due to the deltec constantly overflowing for a few weeks, the algae growth was kept in check in the DT. Updated shot of the tank after cleaning, the fish are all hiding !
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