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  1. $10 per frag, 15-20pp per frag. collection at Lentor. no reservations, thanks!
  2. $15 per frag. collection at Lentor. no reservation, thanks!
  3. 1 tutti Fruitti frag, 3 butt muncher frags and true rasta frags left
  4. no viewing, collection at Lentor Grove. if you want I can send close up pic. please pm me
  5. $10 per frag tutti frutti true rasta tyree rasta (2 pp) butt muncher tequila sunrise (3 pp) Rasta meltdown (7 pp) tequila sunrise(1pp)+rasta meltdown(2pp) tutti Fruitti(1pp)+butt muncher(1pp)+aussie ensign(2pp)
  6. please pm me. thanks! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  7. Rasta 3pp $10, 5pp $15, 8/9pp $20 Golden clove 5pp $20 Mix frag $30: rasta 9pp, tutti fruitti 2pp, tyree rasta 1pp
  8. Bumps... Open to trade vibrant colours corals as well
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