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  1. Clearing spare rocks for $40 Left to dry for more than 6 months Enough to scape 3ft tank. Pm if interested. Thanks
  2. Sold. Mod may close thread, thank you.
  3. Last frag sale of the year and for Christmas. 4 in a pack for $100. SSC, Sarmentosa Cookie Monster, Ice Fire and Candlelight First come first serve. No reservation. Pm if interested.
  4. Equipment remaining for sale: 2sets Hydra 64HD - $600 each 2sets Hydra 52HD - $480 each 7sets Hydra 26HD 7sets - $350 each 2 sets Alkatronic - $1000 each 1 set Dosetronic - $700
  5. Selling some SPS frags. All encrusted. Frags at least 1 inch. Frags may appear smaller than they actually are as they are taken from direct top view. SSC $40 Rainbow Tenius $55 (Orange polyps, purple-blue tips, turquoise base) Ice Fire $45 (Very very stable frags. Deep blue tips) Candlelight $30 (Very established frag. Very bright lime yellow tips with turquoise base) Please PM if interested. Thanks:)
  6. Thanks for all the interest. Apologies for late response. If you are still keen please pm me. Tankset is still available. Equipment available for sale: 2sets Hydra 64 - $600 each 5sets Hydra 52 - $480 each 7sets Hydra 26 7sets - $350 each 2 sets Alkatronic - $1000 each 1 set Dosetronic - $700 These are also part of a bigger tank which has already been decomm-ed
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