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  1. Clearing spare rocks for $40 Left to dry for more than 6 months Enough to scape 3ft tank. Pm if interested. Thanks
  2. Sold. Mod may close thread, thank you.
  3. Last frag sale of the year and for Christmas. 4 in a pack for $100. SSC, Sarmentosa Cookie Monster, Ice Fire and Candlelight First come first serve. No reservation. Pm if interested.
  4. Equipment remaining for sale: 2sets Hydra 64HD - $600 each 2sets Hydra 52HD - $480 each 7sets Hydra 26HD 7sets - $350 each 2 sets Alkatronic - $1000 each 1 set Dosetronic - $700
  5. Selling some SPS frags. All encrusted. Frags at least 1 inch. Frags may appear smaller than they actually are as they are taken from direct top view. SSC $40 Rainbow Tenius $55 (Orange polyps, purple-blue tips, turquoise base) Ice Fire $45 (Very very stable frags. Deep blue tips) Candlelight $30 (Very established frag. Very bright lime yellow tips with turquoise base) Please PM if interested. Thanks:)
  6. Thanks for all the interest. Apologies for late response. If you are still keen please pm me. Tankset is still available. Equipment available for sale: 2sets Hydra 64 - $600 each 5sets Hydra 52 - $480 each 7sets Hydra 26 7sets - $350 each 2 sets Alkatronic - $1000 each 1 set Dosetronic - $700 These are also part of a bigger tank which has already been decomm-ed
  7. Selling a 1 year plus Red Sea Reefer 350 on behalf of a friend You may refer to the link below for exact dimensions: https://www.redseafish.com/aquarium-systems/reefer/ Tankset only without equipment going for $800. In very good condition. Have to arrange your own transport. Able to nego. Intent to post remaining equipment for sale later. But can discuss if interested to purchase tank with equipment. Interested please PM. Thanks
  8. Selling some SPS frags. All encrusted. Candlelight $30 SSC $40 Cookie Monster $30 Ice Fire $40 per frag Please PM if interested. Thanks
  9. Clearing some frags. All have encrusted onto plug. At least 1 inch Strawberry Shortcake $40 Cookie Monster $30 Icefire $40 (Slight tint of yellow and green, very hard to capture in pic) Please PM if interested. Thank you:)
  10. Nice fat 6” foxface for sale at $25 Outgrown the tank. Collection at Serangoon. PM if interested.
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