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  1. I just realised how dirty the tank looks after posting it up. So sorry about that. Will clean it up and post another photo. Also, I cant do much about the washed out colours of the corals as I dont have my atinics yet so thats how they will look in photos for now. Will update when improvements have been made!
  2. Hi Guys!! Its been a long time and I'm back to reefing. I don't know many of the new reefers around but some nicks are familiar. Anyway, I decomissioned my tank to 5 years ago to come to Perth, Australia to study. I'm currently still studying with 2 more years to go. This was my tank before i decomissioned it For the first 2 1/2 years living here I didnt have any tanks and as no surprised to decided keep some fishes. Prices of fishes here are ridiculously expensive. This is due to shipment cost, inspection cost and quarantine cost. So do appriciate the prices in singapore. some examples for you: A neon tetra cost $1.60 each. A guppy cost $3 each. A fighting fish cost $8 each (normal, no crown tail or whatsoever). A percula clown cost $60 each and a skunk cleaner shrimp cost $120. A yellow tang is $140 and a blood shrimp is $200. Hope this gives you an idea of the price. Anyway, I started a planted tank and this was how it looked. After 2 years, I got sick of trimming the plants every so often and battling with algae. in addition to the frequent trips to the lfs and walking past the marine section, I started to miss reefing. So lo and behold, I started a nano tank. So enough of my story. Heres about the tank. The tank is currently 7 months old. inhabitants: orchid dottyback, blue pygmy and a six line wrasse tank size: 10 gallons, 50cm long, cant remember the other dimensions lighting: currently diy 6 strips of led white light. Im in the middle of improving it. Will add two more led spot lights and change two strips to blue leds. this it to help bring out the colours like when using atinic. I'm adding the two spot lights as im planning to keep sps filter: currently just two internal filters pushing approx 500l/h. Im planning to remove the smaller one and use a external cannister filter. In addition, Im using seachem seagel to reduce phosphate and nitrate. However, I read on RC that aluminium base phosphate removers arent very good so ill switch to rowaphos when I've finish this bottle Cooling: nothing. Its summer now. It reached 42 degrees the other day and the tank reached 30 degress but the corals were all open and happy. Maintenance: Water topup once every 2 days. Water change 60ml everyday (why 60ml you ask? Thats cause I use a big syringe to remove the water and the syringe is 60ml). feed every other day. PS. with regards to the bleached coral (its an acan) that you see. I just got that this afternoon. It was bleached in the shop (big pet chain store). Its original price was $65. I asked the sales person whats the cheapest she could give me for that bleached coral and she said $5. So I thought why not give it a try and see if I can save it. All comments are appriciated. Cheers!!
  3. 1 is a limpet. 2 is most probably a barnacle 3 is a sponge 4 is a isopod (most tend to be parasitic) 5 cant tell exact but looks harmless 6 is spaghetti worm 7 is a sponge
  4. Stopped 3 years ago due to studies...its been a long time. seems like currently there are many new methods....feel quite lost reading the forums.
  5. Humilis need very low nutrients and very high light to colour up nicely Having direct current will indeed blow off sps tissue but only if it is very close. If I have a wake maker blowing direct at a sps at the other side of the tank (depending on how big your tank is, lets say 4 ft), the tissue wont get blown off, but your sps will start to grow funny as it will follow the direction of flow. I once had a digitata that grew downwards Oh, and since i havent been reefing for almost 3 years, I'm just wondering?? Dont you guys use phosphates remove like rowaphos and such anymore?
  6. Do take note that as much as you want to maintain the right parameters, ensure that you keep the parameters as stable and constant as possible. If you are too busy to fix the tank, waiting a day would do less harm as compared than an instant fix of just dumping say more kalk into the tank. Peacemaker: start of with sps like monti digitata or milli, these are some of the easier sps. Millis are also good in helping u gauge whether you are providing sufficient flow yellowtang: Just wondering, do you add magnesium into the Cr? magnesium plays an impt role in maintaining ca and kh
  7. Terry!!!! its the holidays and I'm bored am some how surfing around and one thing led to another and I find myself here!!! HAHA. Anyway, congrats on becoming a mod!!! very slow i know, but i visit this forum once in almost a year?? and great to see that you got yourself a new big tank and its looking good!! And if you are wondering, I'm still in aussie and wont be going back this year, maybe mid next year so I'll definately catch up with you then and visit henry. Alot of qs for you to ans pertaining to the local reefing scene.
  8. staff...going to ord loh...time to setup a bigger tank le la
  9. lol....361 more days to ord!!! i in airforce now. 128 sqn. the unit flies the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). currently working as a ops spec there. i not involved in flying my unit is stayout and work office hours lucky me!
  10. hey bro!!! long long long time nv talk to u le. thought u totally disappeared. how are u now??? where u posted to ah? i forgot le
  11. no worrys. in the wild, the planktons will come out usually at night when creatures spawn and stuff. so at night is when food is more abundant and thats when sps will have the most polyp extensions as they reach out to feed. those long strands which u see are called mesenterial filaments which are use to capture food and digest. it is also use to fight with neighbouring corals, much like hammers or bubbles. such filaments will also appear when u feed your tank even though its not night time yet
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