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  1. - 2 inch+- - WYSIWYG - Quarantined and feeding on frozen food (starting to eat some pellet) RFS: Bought it to pair with my flameback but not successful. Looking to trade for other Centropyge or genicanthus specimen. (Top up on either end to make up the difference.)
  2. Nice gesture. I don’t think this is the matted filefish that eat aiptasia. They dont have “hairy” hair. I might be wrong. Just my thought.
  3. How did you run the UV in a close loop system? Wouldn't a pump be unsightly if placed directly in DT?
  4. oh typo, i mean the return pipe, by right the return is combine with the downflow isnt it? It seems you replace it altogether? original better to the buyer know that modification was made.
  5. your downflow pipe have been replace? looks like your return is by a soft hose instead of the original piping (ref pic 1).
  6. $100 for all the above 4 + Free delivery
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